Chapter 13

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Kayleigh's pov

I wake up to the feeling of Shawn's arms still wrapped around me. I look up at the clock on the wall and see that it's almost ten. I gently lift up Shawn's arm and crawl out from the blanket. He doesn't move so I decide to get my computer and do some studying. I make some coffee and sit down at the kitchen island. I throw my long hair into a messy bun and put on my glasses. 

Shawn wakes up about a half hour later. I see him turn onto his back and open his eyes. "Hey you," he says quietly still waking up. "come over here."

I get off my stool and walk over to the couch. I sit on the floor with my back against the couch and tilt my head upwards to him. "How'd you sleep?" I asked.

"You have a very comfortable couch." 

I move closer to him and say, "I know, good thing I have someone to share it with."

He smiles and put his arm around my shoulders and closes his eyes again. "I really don't know why I'm still tires, we went to bed early." he wonders.

I rest my head against his arm. "I think I'm going to take a shower. I'll be back." 

I get in the shower and less than a minute later Shawn walks in. He smirks at me, "I have an idea of what could wake me up."

"Oh yeah?" I ask laughing. 

He nods his head and starts to take off his clothes. He slides the glass door open and comes closer and closer to me until I'm up against the wall and he is against me. He teases me and I'm longing for his lips to meet mine. I grab his jaw and put his lips to mine.

Damn, I could get used to this life.

Once we got out of the shower I head to my bedroom with a towel wrapped around me and Shawn with a towel wrapped around his waist. Shawn sits down on the edge of my bed and watches me search through my closet. I don't have any plans for the day so I put on a pair of maroon leggings and a white Champions sweater. I put my hair back up in and bun and put on my glasses. 

I felt Shawn staring at me again. I turn and walk to him, sitting on his lap while facing him. "What are you looking at?" I ask putting my hands on his face.

"Why don't you ever wear your glasses out?"

"I think they make me look ugly so I only ever wear them at home." I explain.

"Well I think you're beautiful with or without them." Honestly how cute is he. I put my forehead against his and looks into his eyes. "I don't want to leave." he whines.

"Then don't." I suggest. "Stay the day, we will just relax and do nothing."

"Hmm, I like the sounds of that." He lays back on the bed and I lay beside him and curl a leg around his. I put my hand over his stomach, running my fingers across his sculpted body.

I hear my phone ringing in the living room so I get up to go answer it. I see the caller id say it's Tyler, who is my best friend from back home in Vancouver. "Hey Ty." I answer.

"Hey, I'm gonna be in Toronto on Friday, you around?" he says through the phone.

"How did I not know you were coming until now?"

"It was kind of a last minute thing. I've got a meeting Saturday morning with the company I'm doing some work for so I'm just going to stay the weekend." he explains.

"Yay! I'm so excited. I'll come pick you up at the airport, and then you can just stay here."

"Man you are a lifesaver. I'm about to get in the car, I'll text you my flight details later tonight."

Tyler hangs up and I walk back into my room to find Shawn exactly where I left him. "Who was that?" he asks.

"My friend Tyler from home. He's coming down tomorrow, you can meet him." I say excitedly.

"Yeah sounds good. I think Brian, Jon and Ronnie were talking about going to Petty Cash, you guys should come chill there." he suggests. 

"Yeah that'll be fun." I lay back down beside Shawn.

Andy never did like Tyler. I'm not really sure why, Ty has always been nice to him and everything, I just think he felt a little threatened whenever he was around. Tyler is the total catch, he's good looking, nice, smart, everything. I honestly don't know how he doesn't have a girlfriend. But I've known him way too long to think about him that way. I hope him and Shawn get along well. 

I jolt out of my thoughts when Shawn sits up. He sees the piano sitting in the corner of my room. "Do you play?" He gets up and runs his fingers over the keys.

"A little, but not very well." I say.

"Play something for me," he asks as I give him a look that says yeah right. "Pleaseeee?" he begs which gets me.

I sit down on the bench and play a song from "A Star is Born". The whole time I can feel Shawn's eye watching me, never lifting off. I finish the song and turn to look at him. He moves my chin closer to him and kisses me. "You're amazing." he gushes.

"Get out of here." I say while laughing.

"Kayleigh, I am not kidding. You're really good. Why don't you ever sing in public?" he asks.

"I don't know, it's just not my thing." 

"Well have you ever tried?"

"Well technically no, but I don't plan on changing that anytime soon either." Shawn rolls his eyes playfully as I say that.

We spend the rest of the day together doing anything and everything but never leaving each other's side. He leaves right around dinner time as he had to meet his manager, Andrew. I fall asleep later that night thinking of him.

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