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Next morning

Ellen’s POV

When I wake my glasses are uncomfortable pushed to my face and I lie face down on the bed, I push myself up and look for my phone before retrieving it and turning the alarm off, I fix my glasses as I sit up and think back to the convocation I had with Louis last night, I straighten up my pajamas after I stand and push the charger into my phone before making my way towards the bathroom and brushing my teeth and hair, I let my hair fall down my back as I walk up stairs to Joshes room to wake him up, once I know his awake and starting to get ready I head back down stairs to make breakfast. Today’s my last day of being suspended and I’m thankful for it, not long passes before Soap walks down the stairs and into the kitchen, leaving his bag on the counter and starting his breakfast, I put his lunch in the big pocket of his back pack and zip it up.

“Are you just riding your bike to school?” I ask yawning and he nods, “Well make sure you lock the door, im going back to bed.” I say padding back down the hall and into my room, I get under the covers and shortly after hear the front door shut and the click of the lock sound before the gate opens and closes signalling Josh had gotten his bike, I close my eyes before there’s a rap on my window, they open but I don’t look, the knock sounds again and I lift my head to see Louis standing outside my window. I laugh at him before laying my head back on the pillow and let him knock.

“Ellen, open the window.” I raise my hand and stick my finger up at him before hearing a laugh, the knocking continues and I cover my face with the pillow before finally getting up and opening the window, I remove the fly screen and let him climb in before placing it back on the window. “Thanks.” He says straightening up and climbing down off the lounge.

“Did I not tell you last night what my mums profession is? I don’t think she will be too happy with you trespassing behind our gates to knock on her daughter’s window.”

“Well I guess we won’t tell her.” I laugh before getting back under the covers, he lies on the bed beside me. “Is this your plan for the day?” he asked and I pulled my arm out from under the blanket and pushed a finger to his lips.

“Shut up, im trying to sleep.” He takes the finger into his mouth and bits it before I pull it away and put it back under the covers.

“Where’s the remote, you sleep I watch TV.” I point to my bed side table and he almost lies on me as he reaches over the grab it.

“Shouldn’t you be at school?” he rummages around in my draw for a moment before he retrieve the remote and sits back.

“Yes but I was tired when I woke up, had no idea why, then I thought of you being here all alone and decided to keep you compony.” I smile, remembering last night and our late night phone call, my eyes still closed.

“Well what time did I fall asleep because I don’t even remember the phone call ending.”

“At the five hour twenty minute mark, probably sooner.”

“Well im still tired so like you said, I sleep you watch TV.”


I woke up to a bang caused by the TV, when I look over Louis has fallen asleep, I smile as I sit up slightly, reaching for the remote in his grip but when I go to pull it out his eyes open and he looks at me lazily, I smile.

“Good morning, sunshine.” He smiles at me, “Or should I say afternoon?” I raise an eye brow.

“I don’t care what you say.” He says bending from his sitting position and placing his head on my blanket covered knees, “As long as im with you, im fine with it being morning, noon or eve.” I don’t reply and soon he sits back in his original position, “Why are your parents so surprised when I come over?” my eyes widen at his unexpected question and I let out a small laugh.

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