Chapter 1

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The club just outside of the university's premises (flashback)
"Becky let's go already, this place is making me sick", it's the third time this week that tory is complaining about the parties held in school; am gonna have to stop bringing her along.

"alright sour puss let's go".

I'm still a bit tipsy from the tequila shots so tory had to support me to the car and despite my reluctance to allow her to drive she takes the wheel and circle the corner and drives straight to campus.

The Crown Jewel hostel, Greenwich Village New York.
"Come on Becky move your legs, you get so heavy when your drunk"  I slur some incoherent words at her before I hear a thud and some shuffling like she's searching for something in her bag.

"Dammit I forgot the keys in the car", she curses and shakes me a little then talks like she's talking to a baby who doesn't understand English. "Becky I'm gonna head back to the car and grab the keys to our room okay, stay here and don't move a muscle". With that she walks off towards the main corridor then I rest my head on the wall beside my room and doze off.

After about thirty minutes, the tequila begins to wear off a little and I open my eyes only to find myself still on the floor in front of my room. I try to stand up but I fall back down and after several attempts, I walk on wobbly legs towards the main corridor in search of tory. I curse under my breath because she's supposed to have been back by now.

"Tory where are you?, I wanna sleep" I whine and that's when I hear it, that sickening lifeless tune coming from the piano in the common room. Tory used to play it when she was sad.

"Dammit, Tory! When I get my hands on you, you're so dead".

I circle the corner and walk determinedly into the common room but no one's there and the piano keeps playing but there's no one playing it. Just then, I feel goosebumps all over my body and all of a sudden everywhere is enveloped in a nerve rising cold.

"T-ttt-tory" I stammer, "If this is some kind of sick joke you better stop it, cos it's not funny".

I take in my surrounding to see if anything is out of place but I can barely see as it's dark outside and the only light coming in is from the moonlight that seeps in through the blinds of the curtain. I press my hands on the wall to search for the light switch and then the music stops and a hooded figure holding a knife emerges from the shadows.

My search for the switch becomes frantic as my breath hitches but just as my fingers brush against the switch and I turn it on, the whole room is flooded with light and the hooded figure is gone and so is the knife.

"Man! that was some strong tequila, I'm seeing things now," I say then I remember that I still haven't found tory and that's when I see her. There on the piano is my best friend lying in a pool of her own blood with the expression of a smiley face plastered on her face and as I stare into the lifeless eyes of my now dead best friend, I sob but my sobbing turns into a scream when I feel something holding my hand and then I hear it.


Present-day, March 8th 2016. Rebecca's POV....(12:39 am Tuesday)

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