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Three days later

Ellen’s POV

“Ellen there’s a boy out the front looking for you.”

“Who?” I ask my mum from the spa, Claudia, Tegan and I just sitting and talking.

“Says his name is Louis.” My mum replied and I look at the girls who start making noises to notify my mum. “Is that your boyfriend?” she teases and I get out of the spa.

“No.” I mumble and quickly wiping off my legs and wrapping the towel over my shoulders, holding it together in front of me, I make my way through the house and towards the front door, I pull the handle down and pull it open, Louis standing with his hand burred in his pockets.

“Hi.” I greet him and he smile, his eyes looking me up and down, obviously not expecting me to be almost naked in my bikini.

“You have compony?” he asks not sure.

“It’s only Claudia and Tegan, come in.” I move aside letting him in, when I close the door and turn around my parents are looking at us curiously.

“Mum, dad this is Louis, Louis Debbi and Adam.” They all greet one another before we head down the hall and out the back, Tegan and Claudia greet Louis, “Ah, did you want a drink?” I ask, he refuses politely, I don’t really know what to do now, do I get back in the spa, stay out?

“You’re wearing your glasses.” He states looking down on me and I nod.

“It’s a weekend.” I shrug “Did you, umm, want to put your feet in?” I asked one of my eyes squinting slightly out of habit, I really have to stop that stupid squint, he shrugged and we made our way towards the connected pool and spa, I ridded myself of the towel and stepped in while he removed his shoes and sat on the edge.


“Who’s staying for dinner?” My mum pocked her head into my room, the girls lying across my bed, Louis and I on the lounge as I read out my application for the school in London.

“I will.” Tegan announces.

“I can’t, I have family coming over soon.” Claudia frowns.

“Louis?” I turn to him.

“No, im right.” He smiles in my mum’s direction, she nods before exiting the room, closing the door behind her and I continue to read out my application and letter for the school.

“What did you think?” I asked looking towards the girls, “Be honest, the application I can’t change but the letter I can.” I say looking back at my laptop screen.

“I want to say its shit so you won’t send it but.” Tegan shrugs, “It’s really good and im happy for you.” I smile at her and then look at Claudia who’s nodding.

“I double that, it was great, I know there going to accept you.”

“Where’s the school?” Louis chimes in, I look towards him.

“Ironically, England.” He nods and soon my mum calls dinner, we all leave my bedroom, Louis getting in his car which is parked out the front of my house and Claudia and I getting in mine as I quickly drive her home before I take off back to mine and sitting in my normal spot at the dinner table, Tegan sat in one of the extra spots as we all eat and talk, mostly about Louis which I try to change whenever I can but he seems to continuously become the topic of convocation.

Louis’ POV

I step into the house and start heading straight to the room I have been occupying during my stay in Australia, I can’t shake the idea of Ellen moving to the Uk at the start of next year, it could give us a opportunity to have a relationship, which I desperately want but I’m getting mixed signals from her.

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