Chapter 24: Shining Child

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Woojin and Minho are both busy running some tests on the dead bodies, trying to find out what actually killed them and how that creature differed from a ghoul while on the other hand with Seungmin and Hyunjin, the younger's teaching his older brother how the tests work and what are the fragile parts of a ghoul, using the chopped off body parts as the figurations.

Hyunjin's wearing both a mask and gloves. The mask eased the beyond horrible smell of the bodies. The superior three are already used to it so only the latter's wearing a mask. "Why don't you capture a live ghoul? Perhaps it would be easier."

"Do you actually think that we haven't thought of that before?" Minho snapped. "It's too hard to capture a live one since they're really aggressive. Being a meter apart from them will already have you killed without doing something to defend yourself."

"Then why don't you defend yourself while trying to capture them?" Hyunjin nonchalantly asked. The view is making him feel dizzy that he just wants to keep talking to keep himself up.

"Ya Seungmin! Is your brother actually this stupid?" Minho sneered.

"Hyung! Just focus on me!"

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"They have diabolic strength. That would be tough," Woojin said, still staring at the tests he's doing.

The older Hwang removed his mask and said, "Just because it's tough, doesn't mean it's not possible."

"Put your mask on! I don't want to clean your vomit!" Seungmin hissed at his hyung.

"Okay, why don't you try?" Minho smirked, ignoring the youngest– his arms crossed over his chest.

"Ya! He's not well trained yet!" Seungmin retorted. "Seriously! Put your mask back on!"

"I'm ready." He's actually trying to hold it in. The smell is still bothering him and he's just holding his breath to act tough.

"Hyung! You're not!"

"You will do the work if the ghoul shows up tonight at your school," Woojin said.

Seungmin groaned and buried his face into his hands covered with gloves, feeling vexed due to his concern for his older brother. "Hyung let's just- let's finish this."

Hyunjin obliged and joined his brother after putting on his mask back since he can't handle the smell anymore. "This," Seungmin started as he holds up the heart of the ghoul. "This is the ghoul's critical point. They can't be killed by merely slicing of their body. You should make sure that the heart has stopped working before feeling phlegmatic."

"Even without body parts, can they attack?" Hyunjin asked, furrowing his eyebrows.

"I've encountered one who bit my leg after I've sliced off its stomach," Woojin said without looking at them.

"Do you know how does one turn into a ghoul?" Hyunjin asked no one in particular.

"Not yet but we're sure that a person doesn't turn after being bitten. We haven't found out about the main history of ghouls yet. We weren't able to ask father... Once we find him, he'll be the live one who'll receive interrogation."

"If we find him."

"We will."

Seungmin then taught Hyunjin how to slice off a real ghoul body by bringing out a whole body with a hole in its chest part. The newbie incredibly learned fast. Slowly but surely, he was getting rid of his trauma and soon enough, he'll be finally ready to be a regular. He can bear with the sight but it's just the smell that he can't.

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