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Next day

Ellen’s POV

“Hi, table for, one?”

“Two, im expecting somebody.”

“Right this way.” I smile at the lady as I take her towards a booth, setting her menu down she takes her seat. “Oh, your Harry’s aunty, I was wondering where I know you from.” I shake my head, clearing it before looking back up to see her smiling face.

“You have made quite an imprint on the two boys living under my roof.” She tells me, my head tilts slightly.

“What do you mean?”

“Louis and Harry, they are quite fond of you.”

“I think your mistaken.” She smiles at me, she has to be wrong, Louis and I hang out, but that’s it, and Harry, I can’t stand him, of cause I find him attractive but he is such an awful person, “Can I get you a drink while you wait?” I ask after a moment.

“No thank you, I’ll wait.” I nod.

“I’ll be back when I see your company has arrived.” I walk away and head back to the front, a moment later the door opens I look up and Louis’ standing in front of me.

“Fancy seeing you here.” He smiles.

“Yeah, at the place I work.” I laugh and he raises an eyebrow.

“You work here? No way.” We both just look at each other for a moment, “Im looking for June, has she come in yet?”

“Harry aunty?” he nods, “Yeah, ah, follow me.” I grab another menu and take him towards the table Harrys aunty is, Louis drops into the seat and I place his menu in front to him. “Can I start you off with drinks?” I ask, I knew it would be one of the boys and im glad its Louis, Harry is impossible and I feel uncomfortable around him.

“Sure, just a coke of me, thanks.” I nod and look towards Louis.

“Creaming soda.” he smile.

“Coming right up.” I step away going towards the bar and pouring drinks, before heading back to Louis’ table, I place the coasters down before the drinks. “There will be a waitress around shortly to take your order.” I smile and am about to walk away.

“Why aren’t you taking our order?” Louis asks, I look from him to June who is smiling.

“Ah, my shift is over, im going home.” I state and he frowns. “I’ll take your order but I won’t be serving it.” I tell him and he smiles sitting back in his seat, “What will it be?” I ask holding my pen and order pad out.

“I’ll have the primed ribs, with mash, thanks.” I nod and scribble it down.

“Spicy barbeque of just regular?”

“Spicy.” I nod and write it down.

“And for you?” I turn to Louis.

“I’ll have a schnitzel burger, please.” I nod writing it down.


“Chips.” I scribble the last bit on before looking back up.

“Enjoy your meal when it comes.” They laugh and I make my way to the kitchen, clipping up the order and heading to the staff room to put my apron back and collect my thing, soon I’ve dropped into my car and am on my way home, when I get there I greet my family and have a shower before getting ready for bed, once I had finished it was nine, I started up my laptop and went on my phone while I waited for it to load, there was a massage from Louis.

LOUIS: It wasn’t the same without you serving it.

I smile at the message before replying.

ME: Are you saying you count on me serving your meal to make it better?

LOUIS: That’s exactly what im saying.

ME: I’m sorry you guys got there just as my shift finished.

LOUIS: Maybe you should tell me the times you are working till so it never happens again.

ME: Or maybe I will disappoint you and tell you im going to bed.

LOUIS: Are you?

ME: Maybe

LOUIS: I want to sleep with you.

ME: : (

LOUIS: I’ll see you tomorrow.

ME: bye. xx

Two days later

“So how long have you and Harry known each other?” I ask Louis as we sit outside our class room, we have a substitute and the class is like a zoo, normally I would be in joining to crazy ness and running amuck but Louis and I took the opportunity to get out of there.

“Since we were seven I think. A long time I guess I could say.” I nod in response, “What about you and your friends, how long have you known them?”

“Tegan and Claudia?” he nodded his respond, “Well Tegan and I live across the street from one another and have since we were born so I can’t really say, it’s been our whole lives I guess, Claudia and I, we’ve known one another since year one but never actually became friends until a few years ago. She live close by too, I guess we’re lucky being such good friends then living either a five second walk from each other of a 3 minute.”

“That is quite lucky.” He agrees.

“What about you, have anyone really close to you like Harry?” I look at him, I never noticed how breath taking his eyes are, that’s odd because that’s normally the first thing I look at when I meet someone, there stunning, a deep ocean blue that gives me the warmest feeling in my stomach.

“Yeah, we have a few other mates really close to us, known them the same length of time I have Harry, we were all on the same football team.”

“You play soccer?” he nods, “That’s my preferred sport.” I tell him and he smiles.

“You any good?”

“I don’t know, maybe.” I grin, “I bet I could flog you, 1 v 1.”

“Well we have sports next, maybe we can do this 1 v 1 you speck of.”

“Good, I’ll tell sir.” I smile. Class ended and lunch was a blur, going by pretty quickly as I sat and talked to the girls, sir said we would just play soccer as a class instead of individually doing something, Louis’ team kicked off first and it wasn’t long till my team had gotten the ball from then, I called for it and moments later had the ball at me feet, Louis coming straight for me, I glided my foot over it causing it to cross my body and head to the left, I followed it letting Louis by pass me and taping it on to one of the players on my team.

“Oh so you do have some skill.” He says poking my side, I flinch away from him about to scream.

“That’s not even the half of it.” the game continued until sir blow his whistle letting us know class was over in ten, I was about to step away when Louis caught me, holding me to his body and leaning back so my feet were no longer on the ground. “Put me down!” I laugh, my hand clutching hold of his side as he lowered me but doesn’t remove himself from behind me, I feel his hot breath on my neck as he incredibly soft lips brushed my ear.

“So your preferred sport is football.” He purrs in my ear, releasing his grip around my body, I turn to face him, a crocked smile present on his face, my breathing heavy hopefully he thinks it’s from the soccer game that just went down.

“I told you.” I almost pant, I close my eyes for moment and take a long steady breath before opening them again to see beautiful blue once looking into my mixed once.

“You have stunning eyes.” he tells me, “Green, blue, orange, there beautiful.” I look away from him, eyes now taking a liking to the floor.

“Your eyes are gorgeous too.” I softly speck.

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