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"Sorry I'm late, Professor," Aurora said as she walked into the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom, the whole class went quiet as their eyes followed her to her seat next to Fred Weasley.

"It's fine, Miss Black, please see me after the class today though, we haven't got long left of class anyways, so just ask Mr Weasley to catch you up later," Lupin said before he turned back to the white board that had the word 'Boggart' on it.

Aurora slid into the chair next to Fred giving him a small smile as he passed her her school bag, "Thanks," she mumbled.

"You okay now?" he asked, his voice laced with concern as he stared at the witch next to him.

Aurora nodded and smiled, "Yeah, I'm all good. The dragons are on my side."

Fred's head titled to the side, "What?" He asked, confused, "Have you been drinking?"

Aurora laughed quietly under her breath as she shook her head, causing some of her hair to fall in front of her eyes, "No, Charlie wrote back," She explained.

"Ah," the boy mumbled as his hand shot up to push the hair behind Aurora's ear, before he realised what he had done and quickly placed his hand in his lap and looked at the professor acting very interested in what he was saying.

Aurora's breathing stopped momentarily as it happened, before she blushed a crimson red colour and looked down at her desk, all of the sudden finding it extremely interesting.

"All right, class is dismissed, don't forget you will be having a practical next lesson, See you all later," Professor Lupin dismissed as the class packed up and started leaving.

"What do you have next?" Fred asked Aurora, not daring to look her in the eye.

"Erm, a free period, and then Transfiguration," She told him, "I'll probs stop by the library, pick up some books for revision."

"Or you could come and help George and I prank the first years," Fred suggested, a cheeky smile plastered on his face.

"Or you could come with me and also start revising for your owls," Aurora said, mimicking his smile.

Fred smirked, "Yeah, I think I'll pass," He laughed, "But I will definitely see you in Transfiguration," He said as the pair stood up. Before he could even comprehend what he was doing he leaned down and pressed a kiss onto the girl's cheek, the pair both shocked blushed furiously before Fred mumbled a sorry and practically ran out of the classroom, leaving the black haired witch frozen in her spot.

"I saw that," Lupin smirked as he cleaned his whiteboard.

Aurora's face became even hotter, she felt very light headed, "Erm, saw what?" She asked not bothering to look up at her uncle as she cleared her throat.

Lupin laughed at her reaction before his face became serious, "Fred told me about what happened this morning."

Aurora sighed, "It's fine, Remus, I promise you."

"It's not fine, Aurora, where did you go?"

"Just up to my dorm, I got a letter from Charlie which made me feel a bit better about everything and I just realised that I was overreacting," Aurora explained, "And, erm, I got another letter that really made me happy.'

Lupin glanced at the girl who looked down at her converse cladded feet, "From who?" He asked, intrigued.

" dad," She mumbled, her voice quiet.

"Speak up, Aurora."

The Gryffindor girl sighed before she looked up at her godfather, "My dad."

Lupin's face turned from intrigued to gobsmacked, "What-what did the letter say?"

Aurora shrugged her shoulders as she explained, "Not much, just that he's missed me and he's promised to explain everything to me."

"Is that it?" Lupin asked.

"Oh, and he said something about that Peter Pettigrew still being alive."

"W-wh-what?" Lupin spluttered.

"Yeah, that's why he broke out, to come and find him and show people that he's innocent," Aurora explained, feeling uncomfortable and worried she decided this would be the best time to change the subject, "Can I go to Romania for a few days at the end of the year?"

Lupin choked on his spit, Aurora rummaged through her bag and pulled out a water bottle before she ran over to the coughing man and handed it him , "Are you okay?" She asked as he nodded whilst gulping down the water.

Letting out a couple more small coughs he asked, "Why on Earth would you go there?"

Aurora scratched her neck as she showed him the letter from the Weasley boy, "Charlie's invited me. He said that we'd only go there for a couple of days and then go to the Burrow like planned."

Lupin scanned the letter before running a hand that was covered in healed scars through his hair, "I don't know, 'Rora, you're fifteen. What kind of guardian would I be to let a fifteen year old girl go to play with dragons?"

"A bloody great one," She beamed.

He gave her a sad smile, "I don't know about this."

"Please, Rem, please," She pleaded looking at him with her big doe-eyes, "Pretty please with extra cream and chocolate on top?"

Remus looked away from her before placing his head in his hands and sighing.

"He'll look after me," Aurora explained, "He's a professional Dragonologist, Rem, he won't do anything stupid that would get me in any sort of danger, you know that."

Remus finally looked up at the young girl before sighing, "Fine, you can go, but only if you stop getting in trouble this year and focus on your O.W.Ls."

Aurora screamed in excitement as she jumped up and down before throwing her arms around her godfather, "Thank you! Thank you! I promise you I will!" She squealed with excitement causing Remus to let out a happy laugh as he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her forehead.

"I'll let Charlie know once Nova comes back from delivery the last letter," Aurora explained as she released Remus from her death grip and straightened her robes, "I better get to the library then, only got about twenty minutes to pick out some books," She said as she grabbed her bag that had fallen on the floor when she was jumping, "Once again thank you! I love you!" Aurora exclaimed as he gave Remus one last hug before skipping out of his classroom, leaving him laughing to himself.

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