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Me: Hey

Her: Hey

Me: What's up?

Her: Nm, you?

Me: Nm.

Me: Oh wait, yes there is.

Her: What?

Me: Yesterday. Some guy texted me.

Her: And?

Me: Oh, like a wrong number thing. He thought I was some girl he met.

Her: And?

Me: Oh, stop.

Her: You know you love me.

Me: Debatable.

Her: Right. So, you remember how I was begging my mom for those concert tickets?

Me: Um, sure?

Her: Okay, just because you're not a limelight doesn't mean you have to throw dirt on my obsession, okay?

Me: What's a limelight?

Her: Ugh. You're hopeless.

Me: Thanks.

Her: Sorry. It means I'm a total WDW fan.

Me: WDW?

Her: UGH. I'm a fan of Why Don't We, basically the best boy band EVER. 

Me: Ohhhh. Okay. 


Me: Yay! When are you going?

Her: In a couple months. Do ya wanna come?

Me: Maybe. But if I do it's just to make you happy. You know I'm not into that type of thing.

Her: And honestly, I don't see how you're not. Maybe if you tried getting into it you'd love it.

Me: I seriously doubt that.

Her: You're so weird. How did we ever become best friends again?

Me: Idk. But at this point I think we're stuck with each other.

Her: I think so too.

Me: And btw, you're weirder.

Her: No way. But anyways, I gotta go, I'm going to the mall with Brad.

Me: Have funnnn

Her: I will. Can I come over after?

Me: Sure. See ya then.

Her: See yaaaaa


A/N: I hope this isn't confusing. If it is, let me know so I can try and fix that. 

Anyways. I might release another chapter today too. Idk, but I'll be updating a lot today. 

Love y'all.


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