No love?

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The next night, Mavis grabbed her father and asked of the date night with me.

Drac gladly told her all about it, even the movie night. For his daughter was it wonderful to hear her father. He sounds extremely happy. It even got more fun, as he told her about the memories the movie brought up. Mavis hasn't laughed this much for ages.

"Mum seriously told you to sleep on the couch?"

He nodded, "Oh yes, I never seen this mad before. She looks cute when she gets angry though."

While they had a wonderful time together, I was downstairs in the lobby.

Jonny had the next shift, moaning around like an old man. I could only grin at the sight, "Didn't the painkillers work?" "Please quiet down N/A, my head hurts." "That is your own fault for drinking too much" I had no sympathy for his headache. At least he wasn't singing around, making everyone around him miserable. Dennis and Winnie were drawing pictures nearby, while Tinkles sat beside them, like a good dog. Since I felt bored, I could ask Dennis to take Tinkles out for a walk.

Heading towards the little vampire, a pair of hands blocked my sight.

"Guess who?" said a rough and ghastly voice. I recognized it immediately. Eunice, Frank's wife had this voice that makes your skin crawl. She seems to be in a good mood. I turned around and saw her and Wanda, grinning at me. I didn't like it at all.

"Is something on my face?"

"No...not yet" said the werewolf lady. The both grabbed my arms and dragged me off, "We are pampering ourselves today." Wanda gave me a wink, "And you tell us all about your date with Dracula."

"Gosh, how many monsters know about this date?"

Eunice thought for a minute, "Well...everyone. But we want to know all the details about this."

I gave her an apologetic smile, "TO be honest with you...there aren't any."

This seems to catch them off guard. They really expected that we had gone to the next level of a date. The thought of Drac and I fighting over a laptop, doesn't sound all romantic. But the two didn't give up. Eunice was all ready and confident to make this work, "Well, in this case we might have to help you out a little, right Wanda?"

She nodded, "I am sure that you and Drac will be the perfect couple."

The word 'couple' had hit my head like a brick, "Woah, stop ladies! This was only one date. If it happens, it happens, don't force it." From the outside, they agreed and pretend to let it slide, but form the inside...they were planning ahead.

Drac and Mavis were still having a good time in her room.

As suddenly she got all quiet. Drac noticed something is wrong, "What is it my voodoo doll?" "Dad, when you marry her, will you move away with..." "Woah stop Mavis..."Interrupted Drac, "...I told you before, that I will never leave my family. And besides, N/A and I just had one is a bit too soon to talk about marriage." Mavis smiled slightly, "But, you love her, don't you?" The vampire lifted her chin up and gave her a caring look, "I do." "Did you Zing?" Drac knew that this didn't happen just yet. His face turned sad, "" His daughter was concerned about his happiness, feeling bad now that she asked. She wrapped her father tight, "I am sure that she is the right one this time. Even if you two don't Zing, just love her like you had." He couldn't be more proud of his daughter.

In the meantime, I got pampered by Drac's staff.

Eunice and Wanda had joined in soon after. Behind my back, they discussed the next move with the boys. The Drac pack arranged another date without our permission. Too bad Jonny heard it. His headache was gone after another three painkillers, "Okay guys! Operation 'Drac in love' starts tonight. You get N/A to the planed destination and I take care of my father-in-law."

Oh boy, whatever this guy is never a good sign.

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