Chapter 15

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"No, not there.” Xerxes’ low voice sounded by my ear, his hand firmly on my back as he walked behind me, directing me away from the door which I had assumed we would be entering. I huffed, rolling my shoulders as I limped further down the hallway. The throbbing from my legs had yet to calm; my teeth grinded hard together as I fought back grunts of pain.

The door which we eventually arrived at was opened hastily by Xerxes and without much thought I sat on the bed, my sigh of exhalation long and soft. I gently prodded the bandages wrapped around my lower legs and ankles, unable to stop the hiss of pain which escaped my mouth.

Xerxes frowned at the noise, taking my hands and drawing them away from the gauze.

“Lie down, if you wish,” He rumbled, stepping away after allowing his silver eyes to dance over me. “Or if you’re hungry, I will inform Greta to bring you a meal.”

My brows furrowed. “Why can’t you do that?”

His smile was soft. “I have to discuss what happened today with Flynn and a few others. It will only take me an hour or two.”

I nodded and scratched my cheek. I was very hungry. But I also wasn’t certain that I wanted Greta, the woman who has murdered countless birds to cook for me. I was thankful when Sissy entered the room, her eyes going wide when she saw me.

“Are you okay?” She asked, skipping to the bed. I glanced up at Xerxes, who had began to turn towards the door. The gentle smile which I had seen just moments ago had been replaced with a dark scowl, his expression, to be put lightly, terrifying.

“Becca?” Sissy asked as her older brother slipped through the door. “What happened?”

My explanation was brief. “Could you be a little doll and make me some pancakes?” I batted my eyelashes. She rolled her eyes, giving a giggle.

“Only because you’re not feeling good.” She told me over her shoulder as she left.

It was only then did I take in my surroundings through tired eyes. I instantly noticed the many thick coats hanging in a closet,  which I knew belonged to Xerxes. Inhaling, I picked up his scent on the sheets draped over my lower body, on the soft pillows beside me.

My eyes darted around the room, quietly assessing each item in here, confirming that this was his bedroom. I had imagined that his room would probably have a table or two with stacks and stacks of paperwork. I had learnt throughout the months that Xerxes could be a bit of a workaholic and would sometimes leave a mess behind whatever he did.

But this room was clean, not a single paper in sight. The walls were bare, a plain light color which brightened the room. Everything was neatly placed, not a speck of dirt or dust on the furniture. I snorted. My bedroom had been quite the opposite of his.

“Does Greta come up here and clean?” I asked Sissy when she returned almost half of an hour later. She wrinkled her nose as I mentioned her name.

“No,” She told me. “She just works downstairs, cooking and stuff.”

I laughed at her expression, lifting one of the partially burnt pancakes. They tasted horrible, but I still ate them, not wanting to hurt Sissy’s feelings. She had watched every bite I had taken from the food she had made, her eyes sparkling when I swallowed.

“I know it was bad,” Sissy told me when the plate was empty and I had somehow managed to eat the pancakes without gagging at the bitter taste. “But you wanted some food and Greta is outside somewhere so you gotta take what I give ya.”

I scoffed at her smirk. “Why thank you.” I muttered, handing over the platter. She placed it away, resting it on an oak table and crawled onto the bed to rest by my feet. I winced at the sight of crumbs sprinkled on the once clean table.

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