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Next morning

Louis’ POV

I wake up and Ellen isn’t in the room, I can smell something sweet and here talking, I rub my eyes ridding it of sleep and sitting up, I pad across the tiled floor with my bare feet and make my way out of her room.

“What are we doing today?” Ellen asked, I guess she was talking to one of the younger ones, I make my way into the kitchen as they reply with a shrug, Ellen has her back to me as she cooks, pancakes I think, Estelle sits on a bar stool as she eats one.

“Crap, you scared me.”  I look up, Ellen has her hand over her heart as she holds onto the counter top.

“Are you okay?” I laugh and she stands up straight.

“Yeah, you didn’t make a sound, I thought I was only here with Estelle.” Estelle looks up at me.

“You and Ellen had a sleep over.” Estelle states making Ellen and I both laugh before Ellen agreed.

“Yep, we had a sleep over.” She nodded, before looking back at me, “Would you like some pancakes?” I smile.

“Yeah, thanks.” She smiles back and sits a plate of pancakes down on the counter top before fetching two more plates.

“You look cute in the morning.” I tell her and she blushes and gets cutlery, her hair slightly messed up, still in its pony tail, her glasses lazily slipping down her nose before she pushes them up using the bridge, her shirts hanging off one shoulder, she sits down on a stool, I do the same and be both grab a pancake each, adding the toppings we want before cutting it up and eating it.

“Can we go see a movie?” Estelle brakes the silence.

“What do you want to see?” Ellen asked her.

“Mr. Peabody and Sherman.” She tells.

“Okay, we can go see that, go wake your sister and Soap, tell them breakfast is ready.” Estelle hops off her chair and makes her way towards the stairs. “Sleep well?” Ellen asked as she ate some more pancake.

“Yes, your beds very comfortable.” I state.

“Glad to hear it.” she laughs.


Ellen’s POV

Louis decided to come to see Mr. Peabody and Sherman with us, we had gotten all our things and were heading to our cinema when Louis grabbed my hand, intertwining our fingers, a group of girls now standing in front of us.

“Amber.” Louis greets one of them.

“Louis, hi.” She smiles flirtatiously at him, she also has a British accent, they must know each other from back home.

“What are you doing in Australia?” Louis asks, I look around to see where the younger ones had gotten to, they were just standing outside our theatre.

“Oh I moved here, a little while ago.” She states, “Maybe we could catch up, sometime.” She bits her lip, I look down at mine and Louis’ hand filling slightly self-conscious, the girls are so attractive and for some reason intimidate me, I pull my hand out of Louis’ grip.

“Hey, umm, im gonna just go take the kids into the movie.” I tell him, he looks at me for a moment.

“Okay.” He nods, I walk towards the kids, guiding them in but not before taking a glance at Louis and the group, his watching me the others not taking their eyes off him. I can’t help but feel a sting of jealousy, I don’t know why, obviously he was trying to avoid her by taking my hand, I shouldn’t have left, I should have stayed there and took the hint that he wanted help. I take a sip from my drink while the kids get settled into their seat, Louis enters the cinema shortly after climbing the stairs until he is walking down our row, he takes his seat beside me, no words spoken while we waited till the movie finally starts.

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