Chapter 12 - She's Falling Apart

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(Annabelle's POV)

"Ok, what is it?" I asked hesitantly.

"It's the reason I'm never around and why I'm always hurt." Peter began to explain. I nodded for him to continue, eager to finally know. "I' do I put this? Well its actually funny, you see...." He started to ramble and pace around his room.

"Just spit it out, Peter!" He stopped pacing.

"Ok, ok. I'm-" Before I could finally hear what his secret was, there was a knock at his door. "Yeah?" May opened the door and walked in.

"Lunch's ready, I hope you two are hungry." She said. Peter smiled.

"Ok we'll be down in a second." He responded. May nodded and left the room, closing the door behind her.

"I'll tell you after lunch." He said to me before we both left the room. I simply nodded in response. Though I was pretty much going out of my mind. Whatever this secret is, Peter definitely doesn't want May knowing what it is. We both sat down at the table with May and dug in.


"Thanks so much for the delicious lunch, May." I said as I helped her clean up the dishes. She smiled.

"You're Welcome. You can come by anytime for lunch." I smiled back. "There's always plenty."

"I'll have to remember that." I said. I glanced at the time, it was getting late and I had homework.

"I should be getting home now." I stated. Hopefully Peter would get the hint so that I could talk to him alone. I have him a quick look.

"Let me walk you home." Peter said.

"Ok." I replied, I guess he understood. I gave May a hug and then followed Peter out the door. We walked across the street in silence. I walked up the steps first and unlocked the door. "You can come in." I said to Peter, who was awkwardly standing outside. He walked in and shut the door behind him. "So are you going tell me now?" I asked.

"I can't, I'm sorry." He admitted. I rolled my eyes, I should have seen this coming. "I thought I could but I just can't tell you."

"You can't or you won't?" I demanded. He shook his head.

"I can't." He whispered.

"Why? Give me a reason."

"It's better and safer if you don't know yet." He practically mumbled.

"Safer? What the hell is it that you do? Why is it going to put me in danger if I know your stupid secret?" I snapped. All my anger had come out now

"Can we just drop it?" Peter begged.

"No we can not just drop 'this'. My best friend is doing something dangerous and is never around! Wouldn't you want to know too, if it was me keeping a secret?" I asked. I stormed into the kitchen, my throat starting to feel sore from the yelling.

"Yes, I would." Peter answered as he followed me. I poured myself a glass of water. "Would you want to keep it from me?"

"Don't turn this on me!" I yelled. "Please just tell me."

"I can't." He whispered.

"Please." I begged."

"Ok fine!" Peter rubbed his hands over his face. "I'm Spider-Man." He stated.

"Funny, now tell me the truth." I laughed. Peter sighed.

"That was the truth." He said calmly. "I'm Spider-Man." I looked at him in disbelief. This has to be a joke. But the more I thought about it, I realized that it could be true.

"I confided in you." I started. Everything I had told Spider-Man, I had told Peter. He knew everything from the start. He tricked me. I wanted to cry, I wanted to scream!

"I wanted to make sure you were safe." Peter started to explain. "I do that as myself so I did it as Spider-Man."

"I told you everything." I cried. Peter tried to reach for me but I backed away. "Were you ever going to tell me the truth?"

"I was." He said but how could I believe him now. "I was going to tell you a little while after I saved you the first time but then everything else happened."

"Get out." I whispered at first. Peter reached towards me again.

"Belle please, I'm sorry." I jerked away from him.

"Get out!" I yelled. I picked up the closest dish towel and threw it at him. He flinched as the towel hit him, but listened to what I said and headed for the door. I followed to make sure he left. Peter opened it and then turned to face me.

"I'm sorry, Belle." He repeated and then left shutting the door behind him. As soon as I heard the door shut I bolted for it and locked it. I then proceeded to run up to my room. I slammed my door shut and locked all my windows. I sat down on my bed. I needed some air and stood up. I walked downstairs and and went out the door. I looked over at Peter's house and saw him sitting on his porch. I quickly looked away and started to walk down the sidewalk. I glanced behind myself for a minute and saw Peter following me. He was at a far enough distance that I didn't mind, at the moment. I just need a few days to cool off before I confront Peter about this again. I sighed, just when I thought we were going to fix things between us. I reached the busier part of town and tried to lose Peter that way, but it was no use. A smirk crept on to my face as an idea appeared. Lets turn the tables, shall we. I quickly entered a building hoping not to be seen and I wasn't. I watched as Peter walked by the building not suspecting anything. I waited a few seconds and then left the building, following close behind Peter. He suddenly came to an abrupt stop and looked down an alley. I followed him down the alley way. I heard a noise behind which caused me to jump. I looked to see what it was and saw a small cat on top of a trash can. When I turned back around I saw that Peter was gone.

"Damn it!" I cursed as I looked all around. I sighed in frustration and started to head home.


Sorry for the short chapter.

Thank you so much, NeymarMyBae22, for helping me out with this chapter and ideas for future chapters! It meant a lot to me that you helped me out!

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