~Unknown Number~

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Them: Hey

Me: Hey

Them: Hru?

Me: Um, good ig, wbu?

Them: Good. Wyd?

Me: Uh, I'm sorry, but do I know you?

Them: Oh, duh. Sorry. This is Jack.

Me: Jack? Do I know you?

Them: Haha. Okay. Be like that.

Me: No, really. Have we met?

Them: Come on, Brooke. It's Jack Avery.

Me: Brooke? Who's that?

Them: Omg you're not Brooke?

Me: Um no, I'm Kali.

Them: Oh, I'm sorry. This was the wrong number.

Me: Okay lol, it's fine.

Them: But wait, you don't know who I am?

Me: ....Should I?

Them: Sort of. I guess I'm just not used to it.

Me: Used to what?

Them: People not knowing who I am.

Me: Oh. Why would they know who you are?

Them: I think I'm gonna leave that to you to figure out.

Me: Okayyy well, I gotta go. Talk to you again sometime?

Them: Sure, not-Brooke.

Me: Wait, so before I go, who's Brooke?

Them: Oh lol, some girl I met today and I got her number.

Me: Ohhh makes sense. Well, gn.

Them: Gn? Already? It's only 8.

Me: Haha, it's 1 am where I am.

Them: Oh shoot. Well, gn then.

A/N: Sooo yeah, here's a new book. I did this one cause it only takes a few minutes to update. The whole book is like this- told through texts, but with other people besides Jack too. I hope you like it :)

Love y'allllll


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