The Mafia's Love Child

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I published a new story called the Mafia's Love Child. It is book #2 in the Mafia series. Arabella, Alessandro and the kids may or may not have some cameos in the book.

I would be very thankful if you checked it out💗


noun: love child

{a child born to parents who are not married to each other}

"I do." with those two words I signed my life away to the gorgeous devil standing in front of me.

He smirked at me with evilness glistening in his beautiful green eyes.

Right then, I knew that my life will be a living hell.

And there's no way out, but in a coffin.


Aurelia's life gets a twisted turn, when her father arranged her marriage with one of Gabriel Castiglione's sons.

The Castiglione Clan was the most powerful familia in the Mafia world. Gabriel Castiglione's sons were pure evil. Everyone feared them, but one in particular was feared the most - Vincenzo Castiglione, the bastard or as his mother likes to say - the love child.

Will Vincenzo learn to love Aurelia? Or will he break her with his evil darkness?

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