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Four days later

Ellen’s POV

The iTunes top one hundred was blasting though the house, Tegan was in my room down stairs playing DJ while I was upstairs cleaning my butt off.  All week Harry has been in one hundred percent arse mode since my comment at the restaurant, he had eased off the slightest bit but this has come to bight me on the arse big time, his firing comments get my to bark back just as much except Louis attempts to stop me from firing up, he has no idea what it’s like when I fully explode and I hope he never has to. I start the vacuum the music’s volume almost shutting the vacuum out completely.

Louis’ POV

When I reached Ellen’s house all the front windows of the house were open, the door also, the screen door closed though, I knock on the door but no one comes, they must not be able to hear me, Ellen’s car is in the drive way, she must be home.

“I ALMOST FELL DOWN THE FUCKING STIAIRS!” Ellen’s voice screams though the house in a laugh, I knock again louder and I see a head pop out from a room down the hall, they make their way towards me, I recognise her from the restrained, Tegan.

“Hi.” She says loudly and unlocks the screen door and observing me, “Can I help you.”

“I’m Louis, is Ellen home.” I ask and her eyes widen slightly.

“So you’re the famous Louis, nice to finally meet you.” She smiles, “Come in, she’s up stairs the third room on the right she should be in.” she says and closes the door behind me, ‘Am I Wrong’ by Nico & Vinz screaming though the house, I make my way up the stairs and down the hall till the third to the right, sure enough Ellen’s in there, her hair out and the shortest pair of shorts I have ever seen her in hung from her hips, when she reached up onto a high shelf is when I noticed she was topless and the bra she was wearing mad my breath catch in my throat, the lime green, lace bra I wanted her to get last week was clipped around her breasts.

“Nice bra.” I say slightly loud, her arms move from their position and her feet flatten on the floor, she slowly lowers her arm to her side and turns to me.

“Shit, Louis.” she stumbles backwards into the bed and did a backwards rollie pollie to the floor on the other side, I can’t help but laugh.

“You okay?” I ask moving towards her to help her to her feet, she had glasses on. She wears glasses?

“Stop!” she raises a hand, “Don’t come any closer, go to my room and get me a shirt.”

“Isn’t this your room?” I ask looking around.

“More like ex bedroom, go down to Tegan, tell her to give you a shirt from my wardrobe.”

“I was just saying I like your taste in bras.”

“Ha ha, now go get me a shirt.” I do as she says and make my way down stairs and into the room her friend emerged from to answer the door.

“Hey.” I called over the music, she turned her head to look at me “Ellen needs a shirt.” I shout.

“Oh yeah, I totally forgot she was topless.” She winks, oh god she knew she was topless, she did it on purpose, she got up from the big bed and made her way through a door, this room is much bigger than the one up stairs, the walls a pale green colour, a leather lounge sat under the window, I made small observations before Tegan emerged with a plane green t shirt, she throw it at me and I left going back upstairs, Ellen was still sat on the floor her head on the bed as she waited, hiding.

“Ellen!” she looked up and I throw the top at her, she caught it in one hand and quickly slipped it on before she stood up pulling her hair out from the neck of it.

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