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it's really short!


It stopped to Shay.

Shay smiled and shrugged, walking in the closet with Y/N as they closed the door, locking them in. This gorgeous Irish man has been in Y/N's dreams, how she wondered if they're together as a couple. But she never got the chance.

Both stood at their sides, brushing their shoulders since the room is small. "Um, lass?" Shay spoke, turning his head, facing her as he noticed something.

"Yes, Shay?" Y/N tilted her head like a puppy asking for a treat.

"There's something on your... ." He pointed, unable to tell where.


"Let me help you with that."

Shay brought his lips to hers, licking what's on her lips; chocolate. Yes, chocolate. She ate one after having pizza with others earlier. Her eyes widened from the sudden action but kissed him back by wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him closer to deepen the kiss. He slides his hands to her sides then down to her bottom, giving a small squeeze, which made her whimper while kissing. A smirk appeared on Shay's face, he pulled away to see Y/N how she's doing.

"That's better."

"Why did you—" She was interrupted by him, placing his finger on her lips to shush her.

He came close to her ear, whispering; "I make my own luck."

"Okay, Mr. Making Your Own Luck, time is up!" Edward barged in without knocking as he yelled drunkenly. "Be sure you water your plants 'cause you're gonna make more luck!"

"So, this means we're together?"

"Yes. I love you."


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