Chapter 26

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Zinnia Point of View

"Mr. Monk, are you sure this is right?" I asked when he started kissing my stomach. Why is he kissing me so much when we need to cuddle to make love?

Does he even know what making love is?

"Shush!" He hushed me and continued kissing my naked body. His kisses started from the highway of the neck, traveled through a valley between two mountains then reached the flat land of stomach, now moving towards the rocky area of ... ahem...

Well just a rocky area with a... ahem... with a reservoir.

I feel Goosebumps all over my body and heart is pounding in my chest like chunky chasing with knife. I was intentionally fisting the bed sheets not knowing why I was doing that and Mr. Husband is adamant to research what my skin taste like.

Uh, I bathed with a banana body soap so it might taste like a little like banana but since there also a little sweat on my body due to a weird nervous feeling I am feeling, I don't think the combination of banana and sweat tastes good.

What is he finds my skin not suitable for his taste buds?

But Mr. Husband is not allowing me to talk or allowing me to move. He has a good grip on my body then how would I be able to know if I'm fitting his taste buds or not?

Not knowing what to do, I stretching my hand towards the small packet I found on the night stand and tried to get hold on it. Mr. Husband is quiet busy with taste testing the rocky part of my body.

Eww, how can he even put his nose there? Doesn't it stink there? I mean I understand he loves me so much but sniffing and tasting me there is too much love to bear. By the way, what is he exactly scooping down there? It's not like there is ice cream coming out from my... ahem.

After a lot of trying, I caught hold of the small sachet. Immediately, not wanting my husband to torture himself with a strange taste of my body, I opened the sachet with my teeth and squeezed the content on my... rocky private area where he was drinking heaven knows what.

"What the..." He rasped out and raised his head looking at me great wall of china confusion.

"Now you don't have to worry about my skin taste. Add suitable amount of the ketchup and here –" I handed him the sachet of ketchup and another packet of liquid chocolate so he can added it however he likes. "- you can add this too."

Why do I suddenly feel proud of myself?!

Doing something great for others is one thing but you cannot compare it with the satisfaction when you help your husband overcome smallest of the smallest things. You feel like you won the world.

That is how I am feeling right now. Now that the side dish is given, Mr. Husband cannot taste the salty pinch of my sweat if any.

If any... because I don't sweat a lot usually. Even on hot summers, I don't drop even a drop of sweat.

"Zinnia, you – Nevermind. Thanks for the consideration." He sighed and dropped his head on my stomach, taking raging breaths.

He takes long huffs very frequently, does he has any lung problem?

"Mr. Monk, don't you think we need to read the process of love making from Google and follow the process step by step?" I inquired as his knowledge on love making is not much appreciated. All he does is kiss me and scoop something out of me from the rocky area. I feel so good when he was doing it, no doubt but I cannot just let my innocent Monk to find out the right horse to ride.

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