chapter forty-one ; dead freight

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november. 2010

Finn stood in the middle of the living room while his mother, father, and older sister sat on the couch. His parents had told him about what David accused him of and Finn was going to have to quickly attempt to clear his name. Of course Natalia already knew he was guilty as hell, but she wasn't going to tell anyone about it.

"David accuses you of these... horrible crimes and then you disappear for two days. I... Where were you Finn?" His mother attempted to get the ball rolling. It was hard for her to even speak without bursting out into tears.

Finn pursed his lips. "I was at the car wash doing some rennovations." He answered simply.

The tall boy sighed. The reason he'd started doing all of this was for his family, and unfortunately he had a feeling that his family were going to be the ones that brought down his empire. He'd build so much and yet the house of cards was very close to collapsing.

"I don't know why he thinks I'm a criminal or something. I thought he loved me." Finn muttered after adjusting his glasses and looking down at his feet. His only saving grace would be to play the victim and act totally innocent.

"You always adjust your glasses right before you lie." Natalia stated rather emotionlessly. Their parents quickly jolted to look at her and Finn's mouth went slightly agape.

While Natalia didn't come out and say that she knew he was guilty, she was still implying it. He instantly felt extremely betrayed by her. She was just as guilty as he was. She knew of everything that he'd done and even helped laundering all of his money.

"I don't know the truth, only you do Finn. So be smart about all of this." The boy's father said. He had no clue as to whether or not Finn was guilty, he simply didn't want his son to get hurt.

Ted knew that no matter what, his son was walking on very thin ice.


David looked down at the silver watch on his left wrist. The time was exactly eleven o'clock. The stars and moon were shining in the dark night sky. He'd been waiting all day for this and he was happy that he finally got the opportunity to do it.

He was preparing to place a GPS tracker on Finn's car. It was the only way to possible catch Finn in a criminal act. He'd be able to moniter every single place that Finn drove and even be able to follow him around. It was the perfect plan

David knelt down and fastened the tracker on the bottom of the vehicle. He shook it a couple times to make sure that it would stay on while Finn was driving. After he was sure that it was connected perfectly, he stood back up and walked across the street to where his own car was parked.


"Is that the last of it?!" Millie yelled loud enough for Finn to hear. They were at the car wash still working on putting all the cash into bags.

Fifty million dollars was quite a bit of money in physical mass; not to mention they were counting every single bill to get a general idea of how much money they had. They were efficient about it though, as they'd only been working on it for six days.

Finn alerted Joe and Ellen to let them know that they were putting the meth production on a hiatus. Ellen was frustrated with them but understood. Joe on the other hand was furious, but there was nothing he could do about it.

Even though Joe ran an entire gang, Finn still petrified him. He'd heard many wild stories about Heisenberg and he didn't want to take any chances by offending Finn. He was mad however he chose to hold off on reparations; for the time being, anyways.

"Let's get this shit into the car and then off to the desert!" Millie shouted while raising her fist into the air. She felt like she was very close to living a normal life. All they had to do was bury their money and then they could live happily ever after.

Unfortunately for them there was one man standing in the way of their happiness. David Harbour.

He had the GPS tracker pulled up on his computer and was sitting in his car. He was parked in a restaurant parking lot a few blocks away from the car wash. He was prepared to follow Finn's car wherever it went.

David was a bit hesitant to attempt to follow Finn. He knew that his nephew was a desperate and dangerous man, capable of purely evil deeds. However it was the only way of finally getting to the bottom of everything. He needed to know the truth about everything.

He wasn't going to stop until he had Finn Wolfhard in police custody.

* * * *

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