The first cut

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'Just remember I'll always be watching, waiting for you to become strong. If you cannot remember this, you very well may lose what is most important to you. 

You may very well lose your soul to your passion.'

And she knew he had forgotten as soon as she saw him walk onto the stage.


He hadn't always been that way. She could remember when she first met the young trainer, vibrant, full of energy, passionate for training, yet with the right balance of care for his Pokemon. He'd never push them too hard. He found training to be enjoyable, a way to bond. He wasn't tough, but he made decisions and stuck to them. Brave, a born leader, with a boyish arrogance she'd found common among most of the male trainers she'd challenged.

She was drawn to him almost as soon as she saw the mess of amethyst hair bobbing along, running after a Turtwig. She'd first seen him in her forest, and, drawn by curiosity her brother warned her would be her undoing, but she could see inside his heart. He was a good boy. A bit arrogant, but large-hearted. So much like /him/ she couldn't help but wonder if the boy had his Pikachu somewhere and had dyed his hair after the two women attacked them back in the Venice-like city that was her home. She approached him, finding her suspicions true. He was perfect in her eyes.

They began to hang out. Her brother had shown her how to speak with gestures instead of words. After spending more and more time with him, She became more and more convinced he was right. She'd have to tell her brother first, and wait for the trainer to mature a little. Too much power can corrupt anyone, even the young heart of an ambitious trainer, especially without a purpose other than to simply 'be stronger'.

Finally, she realized it was time for her to leave him to his training, to watch from a distance. But how to tell him? She'd made a fatal mistake when she'd told him the truth before he was ready. She paid for her mistake now, the monster before her was of her own creation.

She'd used telepathy to tell him. She'd broken one of the most Sacred Laws of being Legendary... 

She'd used her powers on a human.

And this is how she had been punished.Her perfect human had become so corrupt, she no longer could see the boy he used to be, she could only settle back and watch... and pray she was wrong.

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