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Jungkook's fast hands almost ripped your dress, but you gripped his hand to stop him because the dress is too precious to be ripped. If Jungkook isn't horny right now, he would laugh.

His mouth working magically on your skin, sucking big and dark hickies on your jaw, neck, and chest, even on your shoulder. Your upper body is mostly covered with hickies right now.

His free hand massaging your other breast, while the other is occupied by his vacuum-like mouth. Loud moans- even screams erupted from you, especially when be sucked harder at your swollen nubs.

Your hands tangled in his hair, as he moved lower and lower towards your groin. Your knee accidentaly rubbed against his clothed member, making you feel the vibration from his mouth when he grunted.

His busy hands ripped his clothes, and harshly pushed down his pants, throwing it somewhere else. Despite him being busy removing his clothes, he sucked on your clit harshly, propping a digit in your hold. You tugged on his hair accidentally, because of the sudden pain on your lower part.

After adding an another finger, scissoring you, you almost screamed. But you managed to keep yourself from screaming because you don't want to bother your neighbors, but Jungkook could only care less as he harshly pumped his fingers inside you.

"Baby, I'm going in.." Jungkook informed you gently, aligning his member on your hole before pushing in slowly. You got impatient, and pushed your hips to meet with his. His member going in quickly in your hole. You screamed in pleasure, back arching as you gripped his shoulder nails diggging on his skin.

"Eager are we?" Jungkook held your hips down as he started to thrust harshly, you choked. The dominant made your legs wrap around his waist. This position, he's able to reach into a bundle of nerves. Your nails digging on his shoulder as your back once again lifted up from the bed.


You woke up before Jungkook, wincing a bit at the sudden pain rushed through your aching body, mostly your bottom. Jungkook's body was also painted with red and purplish hickies.

You slipped his hand that is across your waist towards his body to get up and change into something, or should we say, Jungkook's shirt that ends in your mid-thighs.

You slowly walked out of his room, shutting the door quietly, careful not to wake him up. Pain shooting through your body as you move, but you still walked, wanting to cook for Jungkook.

You made some typical pancakes that you found in one of the cabinets, and it's the only thing available since the food is almost gone. You poured the batter in a ziplock bag and made a whole at one of the corners of the bag. You tried your best to make a heart shape.

While you're cooking, Jungkook woke up, feelings the space beside him. He wore a shirt and a boxers he randomly picked. He smelled the pancake, and smiled, walking to the kitchen where he guessed you are in.

You jumped a bit in surprise as you felt hands slip in your waist, then heared a hearty laugh behind you, obviously coming from Jungkook.

Double update
Why not? brUh
I don't really how to put some drama here wtf. Me and my mind, yeah the dumb and the dumber :>

Anyways, be safe and eat lots💕

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