(36) Lon Ciscokyo [PART 1]

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Being a dean had a lot of work. And fieldtrips was one of them.

Everyone in SFIT had to go to Lon Ciscokyo; a hybrid of London, San Francisco and Tokyo. It was the second best electrical / high-tech city in the world! Next to San Fransokyo of course.

Lon Ciscokyo was pretty much like San Fransokyo, instead a different name to make it a bit unique.

Everyone arrived at LCIT (Lon Ciscokyo Institute of Technology) and stared at the building in awe.

"Wow," Hiro breathed, "this place is amazing!"

"Welcome to Lon Ciscokyo Institute of Technology." Grandville says in a strict voice, staring at the crowds of students in front of her.

"Today, me and Mr. Guardlord - the dean of this school - has made a deal about this. Everyone from SFIT is welcome to roam around LCIT."

"Awesome!" Fred mumbled excitedly.

"But," Grandville cuts off the voices that started to rise. "No touching, unless we say so. Do NOT disturb students unless you are told to watch them. No breaking anything. And NO ONE will leave the school area until the school bus arrives. We will be in Lon Ciscokyo for 3 days. Got that?"

She was met with silence and her lip twiched in annoyance.

"I said," Grandville gritted her teeth. "Did anyone get that?" She said, her voice higher than before.

The students furiously nodded their heads that made Grandville have a satisfied look.

"Very well, you may go inside." She moved aside and walked away.

"ECK! This is THE school everyone talked about! I can't believe it!" Honey Lemon squealed while taking a quick selfie with the building.

"Not bad, really." Wasabi stated, glancing at the school with a smile.

Continuing to look around, a few real life FNAF 1 & 2 characters came and greeted them.

Fred was staring at them in shock and was about to poke one of them when Gogo pulled his arm casually but forcefully. They made their way inside the building with the other students.

Suddenly, a girl with brown hair and golden green eyes passed by. She stopped and glanced at them.

"Oh, hello. Are you some of the students from SFIT?" She spoke, giving them a small smile. "I'm Coraline. Call me Cora for short."

They all nodded and she squatted down to Hiro's height. "You must be Hiro!" She grinned and pinched his cheek.

Hiro gave an awkward smile to her. He didn't know what to do. "Uhh, how do you know my name?"

Coraline raised her eyebrow and chuckled. "You are quite famous for your age."

Hiro pointed to himself in confusion. "Me? Famous?"

"Of course." Coraline chripped. "Its not everyday that you hear another kid prodigy who's in collage."

"Another..?" Hiro muttered, scratching his head in confusion.

"Well," Coraline started, standing up properly again. "want to see OUR version of the nerd lab?"

* * *

They all walk inside a room and stop abruptly.

Hiro looks around and shakes his head with a secret smile.

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