Chapter Forty- Seriously Slap Me Now

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Chapter Forty- Seriously Slap Me Now

July 26th: First Quarter 

    Haden and I were rounding the corner to Marlene James house. The whole walk over we'd been quiet, but now we were going to need to say something in order to figure out how we were going to save this woman. I mean, it's not like we could just stroll in and tell her someone was out to kill her so we were here to get her out of the house. No, you can't just do that because people tend to freak out after hearing things like that. 

    Then again, we couldn't just kidnap the woman because that would mean she'd think we were the bad guys when all we wanted to do was help her from getting killed. So, it was either we be stupid honest or resolve to kidnap and hope that she'll better when she sees her house in flames or something. 

    In the end Haden and I decided that we would be super honest with the woman, resulting to kidnap if she didn't want to believe us. We also decided that the one to talk would be me because I was a better people person, or so Haden had said. Whatever the case I think it was better if I talked anyway considering Haden was still holding a grudge against me. That would really put him off his game whether he liked it or not. 

    So that's how we found ourselves striding up to the front door, knocking and waiting for Marlene to answer. We weren't sure if she lived alone or had a family, but either way we had to do something. 

    In a matter of seconds a tall brunette woman came to the door, her business suit making her look all proffesional and whatever. This was likely going to be harder than we thought due to the no-nonsense look she was giving us. 

    "What do you two kids want?" she asked, crossing her arms across her chest. 

    Sighing I started in on the explaination, realizing there was no way to sugar coat it. "Look, I know we're suspicious and all, but someone is going to try to kill you tonight."

    I was expecting some kind of shock or panic but Marlene just looked back at us like she was bored. Either she didn't believe what we had to say or she was unconcerned. It didn't matter though because there was no way I was going to let her die. If she actually didn't care about this whole thing then she was going to be really surprised when we saved her anyway. 

    "Hold on," she finally said, closing the door behind her. 

    I turned to Haden then, looking more worried than anything. "Do you think she's actually going to come back or are we going to have to take matters into our own hands?"

    Haden shrugged, saying, "I was just surprised that after you so blatantly stated someone was out to kill her not even a flicker of emotion crossed her face. I'm not sure whether to be worried about it or not. I guess all we can do right now is wait and see what she does."

    So Haden and I waited there for a few moments, watching as the sun kept going down and down. We didn't have much time to work with here and if Marlene didn't come to the door soon we were going to have to drag her out. 

    Just as I was thinking this though the door opened back up and Marlene came out, holding a gun in her hand. I think both Haden and I jumped in panic from seeing that gun in her hands. If it was loaded with a silver bullet then we might want to worry a bit about ourselves. However, if it was loaded with some kind of wood then she was out for a vampire. Then if it was a normal bullet that would be our best shot. 

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