Chapter 12

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Shawn knocks on the door just after seven. I open the door and am thrilled to see that goofy smile again. I pull him in, shut the door and kiss him. "I missed you." he manages to say between breaths. I take off his jacket and pull him over to the couch. After a few minutes he breaks apart from me, "I really hate to interrupt this, however I cam straight here and haven't eaten since breakfast. And I am freaking hungry."

"If I'm going to be honest I have not gone grocery shopping if forever. There's a really good Thai place just down the street, wanna get some takeout?" I ask.

"Sounds perfect." he smiles at me and pecks me on the lips before standing up and taking my hand to help me up after him.

"Let me get my glasses, they make me look better when I don't have as much makeup on."

"Pfft, you always look good." Shawn smiles at me as he says this.

I grab my glasses off the kitchen counter. "Get out of here." I playfully bump into his shoulder as I walk towards the front door. I tie up my black nikes and head out the door with Shawn trailing behind me. We take the elevator down to the lobby and Shawn slides his fingers in between mine.

We step outside into the fresh air to hear the deep voice of a man saying, "Hey, there they are!"

I turn around to see around ten people holding cameras, trying to take our photo. Shawn and I look at each other in panic as we see another group of paparazzi headed our way from across the street. "Run?" Shawn says unsure of what will happen.

I nod my head and we start to run, our fingers still laced together. I feel a smile spread across my face as the wind rushes through my hair. I look over at Shawn and hear him start to laugh. That goofy laugh that makes me smile even more.

We turn the corner and I can see the restaurant. We don't slow down until we are within arms reach of the door and Shawn quickly pulls it open then closes it before any of the paparazzi can enter. He calls to the worker at the front of the desk. "Is there anyway we can get this locked, just for a couple of minutes?" The worker recognizes him and quickly runs to get a key.

Shawn relaxes once the door is locked and I can hear the sound of his breath. I start to laugh, and he soon joins me. He steps over to me and puts his hand on my back as we look at the menu.

Once our food is ready the manager shows us the back door we can exit to avoid the cameras and fans out front. "Thank you so much." Shawn takes a picture with the employees and then we leave out the back door.

We manage to make it back to the apartment without anybody following us. "Well I really wish I had thought twice about this outfit now that there's going to be a thousand pictures of me in it." I am wearing a pair of olive green lululemon leggings, a white shirt and a black zip up hoodie. Could have been worse I guess.

"I think you look hot." Shawn says which makes me laugh.

We sit on the couch and dig in to our food and find a movie to watch on TV. Once Shawn finishes his supper he lays down on the couch with his head on my lap and I start to run my fingers through his hair. He has his hand on my thigh and it feels like it belongs there. "I think we should lay like this forever." I say to him, still playing with his hair.

"I can't say I would dislike that." he responds.

I can feel my eyes getting tired and I end up falling asleep, and I wake up to the credits playing. I then look down at Shawn who is sleeping peacefully on me. I run my fingers through his hair and onto his cheek. "Shawn." I whisper trying not to be annoying.

"What?" he mumbles, barely awake.

"Do you want to go to bed?"

"No, I'm so cozy. Just come lay here beside me." I lift his head from my lap and he moves over closer to the inside of the couch. I crawl in and pull the blanket above us. He wraps his arm around me and pulls me right into him. He kissed me on the forehead and goes back to sleep. In this moment I have never felt safer than I do right now.

Authors Note

Sorry, I know this chapter is a little shorter, but I'll make the next few longer. XX Thank you for 100 reads🥰🥰🥰

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