:Chapter 6:

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Greenburg was a fantastic town in the time I had been here. Isaac took me out for a bit of a tour and we ended up at some burger joint. I wasn't supposed to eat greasy burgers, but I loved every second of it.

Of course I took my pills before if that counts? To me it did. Maybe not to my mom which is she will never know I did that. . . But Greenburg was a fun town as of right now. My dad got hired and my mom part time at some boutique.

Which finally gave me alone time at the house to just sit around. The sun had risen high in the sky and I was watching reruns of Supernatural when there was a knock at the door. I hit pause before going up and answering it my eyes widening a bit.

Isadora stood there. Her red hair with strawberry tints was done up in a braid and she had not a trace of make-up on her. She was in a pair of white skinny jeans and a light pink shirt that read 'More Issues than Vogue.' in wide print making me smile just a bit and then white Converse.

"Hello Lore." Isadora said with a smile and I moved to let her in. Isaac and her had apparently been best friends since they were infants. And she also happened to have had a crush on his younger nephew Darcy since she was sixteen and him twelve I believe, which was weird, but I didn't ask.

And now she was 19 and waiting for legal age I assume? Not sure, but she defiantly didn't like Isaac. I'm not sure why but I was happy that she didn't like Isaac. Very happy.

But I stopped questioning it. Isadora had a brown bag of food that she brought into the kitchen and began taking containers out. "What's this?" I asked and Isadora smiled at me. She seemed so sweet and innocent, making it impossible to hate her. She was infectious for sure now.

"It's Chinese food, my mom is half Chinese and she makes it all the time, I came to eat with you. I have orange chicken, chicken fingers, fried rice, egg rolls, spare ribs, and much more." Isadora said taking out two plates and then some chop sticks as I sat down and smiled at her.

We got our food before Isadora took a seat as well. "It's good." I commented and Isadora smiled at that. "Thank you, I helped make it, we soaked the General Tso's in orange peels. It's good isn't it?" Isadora asked and I nodded at that. "So what's the occasion." I asked.

Isadora smiled. "Do you have a boyfriend?" Isadora asked. "What? No." I said. Isadora smiled. "Do you like Isaac?" Isadora asked. And for a moment I thought she was being hostile, but turns out she wasn't. "Why?" I asked. "Just doing some snooping around for my dear fried." Isadora said.

It wasn't until she left I realized what she meant. We ate while Isadora talked to me and I smiled at her before finally she had left giving me a small hug and leaving the food which I continued to eat thinking about her and the fact of what she had said.

"Oh shit, does Isaac like me?" I asked to myself. I mean why else would she be asking those questions other than to give Isaac the green light. I felt a blush spread across my cheeks at the very thought of even holding hands with Isaac as of right now.

Suddenly I felt hot and went up to the counter and wrote going for a walk on a piece of paper before my eyes darted up the woods and I jumped at the figure who emerged. With a heart disease feeling like you were going to have a heart attack was never pleasant.

A wolf appeared and at first I was terrified before realizing it was Venom. His golden eyes watched me as he tilted his head. "Hey Venom." I said and he came up and I bent down to pet him. Venom nuzzled my hand and I smiled at him.

"For your name you aren't very scary, your just a cute fluff ball." I told Venom. As if to play into the role he let his tongue roll from his mouth making me laugh just a bit before wrapping my arms around him and sinking my head into his fur as his warmth radiated off.

I felt him rest his head on my shoulder before I got up using his shoulders. And to my surprise he braced. "You got mobility training?" I asked. He tilted his head to the side and I smiled at him. "Your not on your property anymore, want me to walk you home?" I asked.

Venom ran off to the trail before looking at me as if to say 'hurry up woman!', it was cute. So with that I followed Venom on the trail as he led us back to his place and not long after the cabin pulled into view.

Venom jumped on the door and Danielle opened it. She looked at Venom, then at me and shook her head. "Venom you seem to like to bring the ladies home." Danielle said as Venom trotted off into the living room as I stepped in and Danielle smiled.

"I found him at my place." I said. "Not surprising, Venom tends to wander off." Danielle said and I nodded. "Has anyone ever tried to shoot him because he's a wolf?" I asked. "Of course not, wolf hunting is illegal here. And everyone knows he belongs to my son and would die without him." Danielle said.

I nodded. I went into the living room and sat down and Venom jumped up onto the couch and laid in my lap and Danielle shook her head as I smiled at that. Venom nudged my hand to pet him so I began running my hand on his hand as he looked at me.

And then he licked me and I smiled at him before giving him a quick kiss which in response he tried to lick me again. "Your so sweet, I'd steal you if I could." I told him and he almost looked delighted at the thought.

"Where's Isaac?" I asked Danielle. She looked at Venom. "He's out in town running some errands for me." Danielle said and I nodded at that before deciding to stay until Isaac came back, because some part of me wanted to see him. So I decided on that to stay.

"Danielle will it be all right if I stay until Isaac gets here?" I asked. "If you want." Danielle said and I nodded at that as Venom snuggled into me and I smiled at him before stroking his head some as Danielle shook her head with a bit of a smile as I took off my shoes.

I laid back on the couch and patted for Venom to come over and he did and I rested myself against him as he put his head right on my chest and slowly I drifted off to sleep with beautiful golden eyes beaming at me.
"Hey sleepy wake up." And then I was poked and my eyes widened and I saw black eyes with a silver ring staring at me. With the time I had spent with Isaac I still hadn't adjusted to his eyes so they scared me at first until I realized it was him.

And then realized the lack of Venom. "Where's Venom?" I asked. "Oh he left to go out on a run again, just me and my mom." Isaac said and I nodded as I got up rubbing my eyes. "You are really tired." Isaac commented moving some hair from my face.

My drowsiness missed the affection in his eyes when he did it. "How about I call your mom and see if you can spend the night, you really need sleep." Isaac said and I was to tired to argue. Isaac surprised me by carrying me up to his room as I was draped around him before he set me on the bed.

Isaac smiled at me. "I'll call your mom, get some sleep Lore." Isaac said with a smile as he covered me up in the blankets as the white dog outside watched me as Isaac then kissed my forehead before getting up and leaving and I watched him as he smiled at me.

And then he shut the door some before I fell asleep.

1413. Looks like Lore and Venom had their first kiss, oh la, la! Venom is precious. Until next time venomous marshmallows.

 Until next time venomous marshmallows

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