We entered a long route that seemed to be nothing but an empty, dark void. The way behind us seemed to vanish. The black hooded figure and I walked in silence for a few moments before I decided to break it. "Don't you think it'd be courteous of you to show me your face about now?"

"You have wit and hostility, that could be helpful...or a problem."

"Hmph, well if you want my help you should probably learn to deal with it." he had some nerve to say that to me if he's the one that wanted my help. "How about a name?"

"My name is Saix."

"Hmm, alright Saix, I'm assuming by your clothing, you know Axel."

"Yes, I do."

"So what exactly am I needed for?"

"You are a Keyblade wielder, you wield Two Across or sometimes called Two Become One," I looked down at the Keyblade that was on my hand still. So it has a name. "There is a reason why you wield this blade. There is a reason why a wielder wields the blade it does. Each Keyblade in a way tells it's own story. You and Two Across are connected, you are a part of each other."

I looked up at him and started up at him indifferently as my eyes blinked and flickered annoyed. "That didn't anwser my question."

He cut his eyes at me, and smiled a small smile as he chuckled, he knew that he didn't. "In deed I didn't, you will find all the truth you need to know soon."

A small smile appeared my face, "Unless it's only parts of the truth you see that I need to know, and decide when I find them out."

He smiled darkly, but didn't respond. So I decided to ask him another question "Who are you?"

"The question you should ask, is what?"


"I am a Nobody."

"Well, maybe so, just because I've never heard of you doesn't mean that makes you a nobody."

"Hmph, cute. Now listen and learn, we'll only take so much of your insolence." What is with this guys and his 'We's', 'Ours', and 'Us's', does he have multiple personalities or something. I hope I didn't get pulled in with a lunatic, who's head has been in the shadows for too long, and seems to have a low self-esteem. "When a person's heart is taken, from their physical bodies, two things are created. A heartless is created and that person's Nobody is also created."

As he spoke I processed the words, I was about to ask what was the difference between the two? But I decided to wait to see if my question would be answered. "......"

"As you know Heartless are beings of darkness that manifest in two forms, 'Pureblood' and 'Emblem'. While most Heartless are in fact manifested hearts, they behave entirely devoid of emotion, and why they are named 'Heartless'. So if you didnt know that already, you do now." I felt my face pull together at his insult of my knowing of heartless, even though he was right, I don't know much about them. But he didn't have to go about it that way.

"A Nobody however, is somewhat different," his voice softened and I could tell there was a sense of loss and...saddness maybe? Like it sort of pained him to talk about it. "Is what remains of those who have lost their hearts to Darkness. They are made of body and soul." he fell silent for a moment before continuing. "So to say, Nobody's are leftover bodies that a heart left behind and very few very strong hearts left behind nobodies with special strengths. Although we Nobodies do not 'exist' we do not have a heart and we are basically jst shells incapable of feeling or emotion. So if a Nobody dies, we disappear or fade, we do not go anywhere else, we just vanish."

I now understood the difference now between a heartless really doesn't have a mind of it's own, all they know to do is to try and obtain what they don't have. A Nobody, being more complex, depending on how strong the person's heart was, leaves an empty shell or in even cases make an exact copy of the original person, just with no heart or feeling. But what I'm confused about, is if he's a Nobody, how can he feel now? He seems to have feelings to me, he seemed lost..and sad. It seems like to me he has a heart if he's able to feel such a way about not existing, and able to smile. Or even do the sinister chuckle he did. "I understand."

"I hope you do, and I hope you'll help, that's part of the reason why we need you." I shook my head, again with the 'we' stuff.

He noticed me shaking my head, "Confused."

"No." I became quiet until a thought popped in my head. "Now that it seems we are more familiar with each other, I'd like to see your face now," I said in an even tone.

He stopped when I did and smiled and chuckled, "Persistant, that's good." he removed his hood so I could see his face. He had a very distinct face, with chiseled features. He had almost lightling or ice blue colored hair that was spiked a little at the top and flowed down straight a bit passed his shoulders. His eyes were a gold color.....and on his face was a scar of X starting at the middle of his forehead and ending a little under the inside corners of his eyes.

"Hmph, so this is what my recruiter looks like? Nice to know if I ever need to track you down and kill you."

He laughed a genuine laugh, "I've never laughed like this....I've never really laughed at all...maybe I'm not completely empty if I can laugh like this."

"Glad I amuse you." I couldn't help but smile a little knowing I caused him to laughed.

We continued walking on, after a while we finally reached the end of the long dark void, and at the end was another black hole. Hopefully bringing us to our destination. Before he led the way across the threashold of the black hole he turned to look at me. "Put your Keyblade away."

"Why? How?"

"Why? Because you might want to have it away for now, the other wielders may get jealous."

"Other weilders?"

"And how? The same way it came to you," he placed his hand on his chest where his heart would be. "With your heart Ayame."

"My heart?...." I looked down at Two Across and closed my eyes concentrating....telling it that I no longer needed it for the time being. Then when I opened my eyes there was that same white, almost silver like glow from before and then Two Across vanished, almost as if it gave me a nice farewell for the moment and couldn't wait to see me again.

"Good." Then Saix and I walked through the black hole opening us to a grand hall, that was all around nothing but pure white. "Hmm this is the twelfth floor, it was suppose to be thirteen. Seems we're walking, it's not a far distance."

"T-Twelfth floor? Where are we?"

He started walking forward and gestured for me to follow, so I did. "Welcome to Castle Oblivion Ayame."

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