Chapter 40 ~Gemma~

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Liked by @harrystyles @louist91 @annetwist and 6,963,637 more

Gemmastyles Haz and Louis just sent me this photo! I can't wait to see my little niece or nephew! @harrystyles @louist91

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harrystyles I can't wait either! @Gemmastyles

annetwist @harrystyles Are you going to tell me what the little burgers gender is or what?!

harrystyles Well mum if you must know, me a Lou have decided to wait till the birth to know the gender. @annetwist

annetwist @harrystyles Aww. Nooo you little...

louist91 Sorry to anyone who's disappointed.

niallhoranofficial I'm disappointed! @louist91


Shawnmendes Nialll!! I want to cuddleee!! @niallhoranofficial

niallhoranofficial is I'm coming babes @Shawnmendes

Larryislouisxharry I can't wait to see the Larry baby!!!

HarryUpdates Oh my gosh, he's so close to popping!!!

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Should the baby be a girl or boy? Comment please!


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