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Ok I'm pretty sure you guys are getting annoyed with not getting anymore chapter from me I'm sorry.

Ok look school been getting a bit difficult exspecually with my history and literature teacher though mostly history and I can't help but say writing and drawling are my go to things when I'm thinking, stressed, sad, anxious and so forth but my teacher just sees things as destractions but never seems to understand anything.

So so far because of my teacher I had a major talk with my parents and I rather disliked it alot due to my father saying I won't make it in life and jazz. I have a dream to do animations and create comics and story's but apparently to my parents that won't do any good and it never will considering I can't really do alot.

I've noticed that.......I've been doing alot of dumbash stuff but it's hard to stop really I've grown a habit of doing so and no I don't mean cutting or drugs but you can says it's kinda like one considering the fact I end up with scars and bruises.

So I came to the conclusion............

To keep doing what I'm doing until someone noticed my pain.....

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