"W- what?"

"Pranked you!" Caitlyn yelled laughing. "I'd love to be your girlfriend." She smiles wrapping her arms around his neck.

"No now I don't want you to be my girlfriend." He crosses his arms pouting making Caitlyn laugh.

"Oh so you don't want me to do this?" Caitlyn smirks and softly kissed him.

"That's unfair." David smiled.

"And why is that?" Caitlyn laughed.

"Because you know I love to kiss you."

"Then kiss me."

Two months later...

"Kristen suck my non existent dick." Caitlyn yelled.

"When and where?" Kristen asks in return making both girls laugh. "Why are you mad this time?"

"Look at what you're wearing." Caitlyn crosses her arms as Kristen looks down.

"Clothes? And?"

"That's the outfit I picked out for date night you bitch."

"Oh that's why it didn't look familiar." Kristen realizes.

"Mhm." Caitlyn tilts her head to side. Kristen cheesily smiles and goes to change. Soon the doorbell went off.

"Davids here. Shit." Caitlyn mumbled. "Kristen he's here." Caitlyn yelled. She opened the door to him frowning.

"Change of plans Cait." David walked in and faced Caitlyn. "We're breaking up. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. It's so sudden but I can't keep doing this." David sighed like a huge weight was just lifted off of his chest.

"What? David what?" Caitlyn chocked. Tears pricked her eyes and she blinked them away.

"Cait, don't cry." He goes to comfort her but she pushes him away.

"Go home." She pointed to the door and he slowly walked out.

"Cait one more thing. It's a prank like when I asked you out and you pranked me." David smiled. Caitlyn slammed the door on him.

"Okay rude." David says opening it.

"Mhm I'm the rude one here." Caitlyn playfully rolls her eyes.

"Im sorry babe I love you. At least I got good content." David says as Caitlyn hits him.

"Oh so I have a question for you." Caitlyn walks into the kitchen with David following.

"And what is it?"

"Why the fuck did you have a blonde wig shipped here?" Caitlyn pulls it out of the box and places it on the table.

"Funny story, I'm actually Hannah Montana." David winks as he places the wig over his head.

"Oh fucking hell." Caitlyn mutters as she shakes her head in disapointment. David was singing the theme song while using the bubble wrap from the package as a microphone.

"You get the best of both worlds." David screams as Caitlyn records it.

"Is it too late to make that break up real?" Caitlyn asked the camera.

"Hey!" David yelled and stopped singing. "You can't leave me. It's me, David!" David yanked off the wig to reveal his real identity.

"Well you guys have very odd date nights." Kristen walks in and hands Caitlyn the outfit.

"You just caught us at a bad time." David smiled as he hugged Caitlyn from behind.

"Mhm." Kristen laughed.

"Kristen wanna see a magic trick?" David asked as he rocked Caitlyn side to side to annoy her.

"Always." Kristen replied.

"I can make a magical feeling appear." David waves his hands around as if he was casting a spell. Both Kristen and Caitlyn shared a look of 'what the fuck?'

"Exhibit one, me killing Cait." David said and before Caitlyn knew it he was tickling her. Caitlyn stood still as he awkwardly grabbed her side.

"Wow I guess you don't know me you forgot where I was ticklish." Caitlyn crossed her arms laughing.

"Exhibit two, the actual execution. I tricked you with my first step. That's what magicians do." David said and then tickled Caitlyn's neck making her scream in fits of laughter.

"Shit a brick." Caitlyn spit on David after flailing out of his grip.

"Well aren't you two lovely." Kristen remarks.

"We are." Caitlyn winks towards Kristen.

Three months after...

"David you have got to be kidding me." Caitlyn furiously yelled.

"The rumors aren't true Cait." David pleaded. The bitter girl just kept yelling.

"How could you? How could you David!" Caitlyn screamed as she paced the kitchen.

"I didn't! Caitlyn I didn't!" David sighed as she rolled her eyes.

"And with my best friend." Caitlyn mumbled as she just paced faster. Before David could speak up someone burst through the door.

"Cait they aren't true." Victoria said as she ran into the kitchen.

"Both of you need to just shut up." Caitlyn said quietly.

"If you don't trust me, is our relationship even real?" David asked and Caitlyn swiftly faced him.

"I trusted you until you fucked my best friend." Caitlyn yelled as she left the house and slammed the door.

"What the fuck do we do?" Victoria sighed.

"I don't know." David placed his face in his hands. "Who even came up with this rumor? I'd never cheat on her, I love her."

"I know. She has a right to be mad right now. We will fix it don't worry." Victoria rubbed his back as he held back tears. The door slowly opened and Caitlyn walked back in.

"David one more thing." Caitlyn says and he looks up at her. "It's a prank." Caitlyn smiles as she points to the camera.

"Got your ass back." Victoria laughed as she cheered with Caitlyn. David wiped his eyes of tears and stood up.

"Ima beat your ass." David said as he smiled with relief. David ran to her and tackled her onto the couch.

"Weak." Caitlyn says laughing as they both laid on the couch.

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