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  Jae sat at a table in the next building, not bothering to even eat as he was mad, and he never liked to eat when he was mad

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  Jae sat at a table in the next building, not bothering to even eat as he was mad, and he never liked to eat when he was mad. Instead, he decided to distract himself by doing his biology lab write up. He couldn't bring himself to focus on the work before him, even less so when he heard the voice of Andrea.

   Prepared that she had come to go for another round, he soured up. His lips twisting and his brows furrowed. But then he noticed she was on the phone and sat down a few tables away from him, it seemed as if she didn't even see him there. So, he opted to turn back to his notes. That, however, did not go according to plan. In fact, after she had hung up, he approached her, like the stupid idiot he was.

   "What do you want?" She spat, arms crossed over her chest as she looked up at him.

   He sat down and she rolled her eyes. "Why do you hate me? What have I done?"

   "Why do you think that? Why would I hate you?"

   "Maybe because every time you look at me you immediately give me a dirty look and challenge every word I say? I don't understand, why are you so critical of me?"

   "Do I need to explain myself?" She asked, an eyebrow raising. "And I don't hate you."

   "Then? Please help me understand things here. Why are you so bitter towards me?"

   She frowned. "Honestly, I don't feel like I owe you anything."

   He ignored her remark. "I want to know why you hate me. Did I ever do anything to you? If I did, I'm sorry, I don't think I ever meant it. If I hurt Cat, I'm sorry about that too."

   "It's not what you've done, Jae, it's what you're planning on doing." Andrea grimaced.

   Jae frowned. "What am I planning on doing? I swear, there's nothing."

   "It's what you might do. I'm not going to let you hurt Cat, not again. Not after what happened with Philip."

   "Why would you think that?"

   Andrea huffed, "Because you two are jumping into a relationship way too fast! You're being reckless and stupid. This isn't the way to go about a relationship, especially not after having gone through a completely obliterating one."

   Jae didn't fully understand the situation but he knew enough. "Do you want to know the truth?" He asked, settling in his seat, thinking he should tell her as it was for the best, and maybe Andrea wouldn't hate him so much.

   "What your intentions are with Cat? Yeah, I want to know what didn't let you wait."

   "My parents." Jae began, taking Andrea's water bottle and fidgeting around with it. "I told them I had a girlfriend and they came to visit me. Here I am, having to ask Cat to be my fake girlfriend until my parents go back Korea so that I'm not forced into a relationship with a girl that I hate. It was originally only supposed to be for two weeks but then my parents decided it would be fun to torment me for another three months."

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