Christmas Is For Family- Vikklan

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Vikk's P.O.V.

I sighed tiredly and rested my head on my arm as Lachlan read a book in silence beside me. I closed my eyes and all I wanted was sleep to come but it continued to allude me, instead my old friend nausea coming to greet me.

I groaned, rolling over onto my stomach and burying my face into my pillow. I wanted to go home for Christmas but I was too sick, I couldn't barely even leave my hospital bed to go to the bathroom without Lachlan's help because my body was so weak.

Lachlan reached out and took my hand, scooting his chair closer to the bed so that I could press my face into his side. I whined, partly in annoyance and partly in tiredness, and closed my eyes again, the only thing that I wanted was sleep and maybe to not feel sick for once in my life.

"You feeling sick baby?" Lachlan spoke up, his Australian accent mixed with a hint of American. I nodded.

His hand came up to stroke my bald head, kicking his leg up on the bed so I could lean against him more comfortably.

"Do you want me to read to you?" He held out the book he was reading, the fifth Harry Potter one, Goblet of Fire. Again I nodded and he opened the book right at the start again.

"The hottest day of summer by far was drawing to a close..."


"Vikky?" I moaned in pain, the duvet pulled right up across my head to block out the sunlight. Lachlan sighed, the bed sinking as he sat down on the bed.

Gently he kicked his legs up onto the bed and slipped underneath the blanket, letting me push myself into him and cling to him like a little koala. Although I suppose he was used to it, every time that I had a bad day I would cling to him and not let go.

Bad days were too common unfortunately, every time the nurses upped my medication, changed the dose or I had a different round of chemotherapy my body reacted differently and I often ended up confined to my bed in hospital for days.

"Hey little koala." He whispered, running his hand up and down my back comfortingly. I didn't even have the strength to reply, I hadn't been able to keep food or water down for close to a week and was receiving my nutrients and liquids through an IV.

"I wanna go home Lachy." I whispered after about an hour of silence. I knew that I sounded pathetic but I just wanted it to all be over, I didn't want to be in that goddamn hospital anymore.

"I know you do Vikky, I want you to come home too." He kissed my forehead lightly. "But you know you're gonna be here for a while longer, at least until mid January if things go well."

"I'm gonna be here a lot longer than." I whispered bitterly.

My body wasn't responding to any of the chemo treatments. I had leukemia which meant that I had a higher amount of white blood cells that what is considered normal but they didn't function properly, so they blocked out the functioning cells and hurt my body.

If my body didn't respond properly then I would have to have a stem cell transplant, destroying the cancerous cells and replacing them with the healthy ones. If I did have the transplant then it would likely take place during the Christmas period, a month away from now, which would completely suck.

"Don't be like that Vikk, I know you're struggling to be positive but you won't get anywhere like that." I pressed my nose into Lachlan's chest, breathing in his smell of home.

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