You Meet Trisha

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I start finishing the painting I was making for Trisha since I am meeting her today. I thought it would be a great first impression by giving her something nice. And that something nice is a painting of her and Jason. David sent me a picture of them. I have been working on it for two days.

Matt says to me through the door "(Y/N), David says that him, Jason, and Trisha will be here in five minutes

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Matt says to me through the door "(Y/N), David says that him, Jason, and Trisha will be here in five minutes."

I say "I will be fine in two more minutes!"

~Two minutes later~

I run to the bathroom, wash my hands, and then get changed from my art clothes to some formal clothes.

[Obviously I will let you pick what you should wear for meeting Trisha. I don't like picking outfits because people have different taste in clothes than me and other people]

I then put a blanket over the painting so I can reveal it. I then sit on the couch and just wait.

~Skip to a Knock on the door~

Matt answers the door and David walks in and says "Hey Matt."

Jason walks in and says "Hey Matt, (Y/N)."

Then, a high pitched voice says "Matt, oh my god I missed you!" That must be Trisha.

Matt says "I did to."

She walks in and says "Oh my god, you must be (Y/N)! I am Trisha!"

We hug and I say "Hey Trisha. It is nice to finally meet you."

David says "You won't be saying that for long."

We laugh and I say "Oh, I made something for you.You know, first impressions count."

Trisha gasps and says "Really!? Oh my god I feel like a jerk for not giving you anything."

I say "It is fine, come here."

We all walk to my little art office and I turn on the lights. Trisha says "Wow, you are a artist. I could not draw even if my life depended on it."

Me and Matt laugh and Matt says "Please, anyone can draw."

Jason says "Have you meet Corinna?"

We laugh and I say "What, you think I came out of the pussy drawing Mozart!?" [Game Grumps reference] We laugh again and I say "Are you ready?"

They nod and I take it off. Trisha says "Oh my god! I love it!"

David says "Hey, you want to paint my walls?"

I say "How much?"

We laugh and Jason says "That is so much detail. Oh my god. How long did this take you?"

I say "Two days, only took a break if I needed sleep, food, number one or two, and to wash my hands."

Trisha hugs me and says "I love it so much! Thank you!"

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