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"What come I never seen you do so much before you go to bed?" Jaxon asked, watching me cleanse my face as he sat on the edge of the bathroom counter.

I shrugged. "Because you're not always in the bathroom with me." We had taken a shower together and Jaxon stuck around for no reason really. I'm pretty sure he was just trying to find a way to bother me out of boredom.

"What's this green stuff?" Jaxon picked up my face mask but, I took it from his hands. However, he picked something else. "You're acting like you are five. Stop touching." I grabbed my moisturizer from him. He frowned. "You're mean."

I put my hand on my hip, clenching my towel that was threatening to drop with the other. "YoU'rE mEaN."

"One hundred and five kisses."

I rolled my eyes and Jaxon fell quiet for a moment. I could tell he got lost in his thoughts and I wasn't going to cut into them. I finished my routine and walked out of the bathroom only to be startled by Adam standing outside of it.

"You scared me." I laughed nervously.

"Sorry. I should've known it was you taking so long in the bathroom."

"Yep," I said awkwardly and Jaxon had walked out of the bathroom in his own towel. It surely raised the amount of awkwardness in this hall. I was hoping I escaped fast enough to avoid this but, nope.

"Oh, hey Adam." I couldn't see Jaxon but, I could hear the amusement in his voice.

Adam crossed his arms. "I'm sure Mr. and Mrs. Woods wouldn't like you fondling Kimora in their own home."

I wasn't sure if it was me and the tension arose from nowhere or not. I thought both Jaxon and Adam were okay with each other but, I guess I missed something.

"I respect Marcus and Shantel but, Kitten dragged me into the shower to join her since she couldn't stay away from me for too long." I blushed. That was true but, Jaxon was exaggerating. Adam must've seen the look on my face and didn't reply. That didn't stop Jaxon from continuing. "But, if I wanted to be intimate with her..." Jaxon hands cupped my breasts and I gasped. "You would know." My face burning like the anger that was coming from Adam as well as the shock.

"Jaxon!" I swatted his hands off of me. I glared at him before rushing into my room. That was way too embarrassing. Why in the world would he do that? In front of Adam of all people?!

I pulled one of Jaxon's hoodies I borrowed (stole) and my underwear just as Jaxon had entered my room. I didn't spare him a glance but, I could hear his heavy footsteps proceeding towards me. His hand touched my arm but, I shook him off.


I crossed my arms. "You took that way too far."

"He obviously wants you, Kimora. I need him to back off of you."

"No, he doesn't. Whatever gave you that idea?"

He copied me, crossing his arms too. "Do you not see the way he looks at you?"

"Obviously with remembrance."

"Yeah right. He wants to fuck you."

"You think that with every guy who isn't you."

"Because they do."

"Not my friends."

"Maybe but, I know Mr. Perfect does."

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