No movie for Drac?

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Inside my room I shut all windows. Drac switched on the lights for me and sat on the coffin-shaped bed. He followed my every move, as I went through my luggage. Shortly after, I sat beside him with my laptop.

I thought a good comedy might do the trick.

Since he was feeling bad lately, something to laugh at would cheer him up. But as I scrolled through the list, he pointed at something, "What is that?"

"What is what?" I said, pretending that I didn't see it.

"That one...Dracula...dead and loving it?"

Oh crap!

The last thing I wanted is to make him feel like a clown. I tried to find a good excuse to watch something else, since this would probably ruin his mood. Until I remembered a DVD in my bag, "I got an even better movie. Wait I get it."

You think he did? Nope!

He clicked on the movie, while I froze at the sound, "No Drac it is really not a good movie to watch!"

The vampire didn't listen; his attention was on the screen.

"Drac can we just..."


Did he just shush me???

"Drac it is really not..."


"Don't shush me!"

With his powers, he transported me to his side, as he kept on watching this old movie. I was sure; this date will soon be over. Any minute now, he would complain and call this date off. I just sat there, waiting for the disaster.

Mavis was tired from her night shift at the reception.

But the thought, that her father and I are having a date that very night, made her happy. She assumed it went well. To make sure, she went over to her father's room and knocked. one answered.

"Dad...are you awake?" He didn't reply.

She really wanted to know how it went and decided to pay me a visit.

While she was on her way, I was close to tears. Drac didn't say a single thing, while his eyes didn't leave the screen. Now was the scene where the vampire ladies were trying to seduce Renfield. But that he should have been angry by now...but nothing.

At the same time, Mavis was at my door...hearing moans...from women.

She didn't dare to knock on the door. Especially as she heard me talk, "Please, just stop looking at that Drac. You are making me nervous!"


The young Dracula couldn't imagine what was going on behind this door. It got worse, as her father's voice came up, "Come back here N/A. I want to see it!"

Mavis mind was not sure what to think, as my voice erupted, "Keep your hands of it!"

Suddenly the moans were back.

The young vampire wanted clarity. She slammed open the door, assuming to see something adult like between me and Drac. Instead, we both were sitting on the bed, fighting over my laptop. I slapped Drac's hand to let go, "Hands off!"

Mavis wasn't sure if she should be relieved or laugh at the sight. We were acting like a pair of kids, fighting over candy. Drac however, was in shock as he saw his daughter at the door, "Mavi, honey bat. What are you doing here?"

"I was...I mean..." she wasn't sure of what to say, as her father and I waited for an answer. She closed the door and ran towards her room. Neither Drac nor I understood her sudden response. It was forgotten, as Drac snatched the laptop off my hands, "So, now back to the movie."

"I told you, it is not a good."

He shushed me again, as the scene came up, where Renfield replied, "My god... what are you doing to the furniture?!" At this point, it should be the end of his wish to watch it.

But then...he began to laugh hysterical.

My only thought was, that he has now lost it, "Drac, are you alright?"

He needed a while to calm down, "I am fine's reminded me of my darling Martha."


To make me understand, he told me that Mavis mother had tried to seduce him one night, doing the exact same thing to the furniture. But instead of feeling aroused, Drac only replied with the same question. This was the first night, where Martha ordered him to sleep on the couch.

Drac smiled at the memory, asking me sweet if we could continue the movie.

One last item, I tired to tell him that it was a movie, which made fun of him. But Drac just shrugged, "So? I am already a chocolate cereal, it can be that bad than that." He clicked on the play button and wrapped his arm around my waist.

I never thought, that this lord of darkness could laugh at such jokes.

Not only that. Some scenes have reminded him of his past with Martha and Mavis. Relieved of his laid-back attitude, I cuddled up to the vampire. Until I heard him snores lightly, pulling me even closer to him. Not to disturb him, I closed the laptop and wrapped the bed sheet over us. It didn't take long, as I followed him soon after.

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