What Happens When Veronica Gets Sick.

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Hey, my cold is kILliNG me, I guess me and Ronnie are in the same boat. Not Mac's boat, she doesn't like me touching it.

Also, I have a fUn oneshot planned next.
*Evil grin* There's totally no dEaTh.

SHIP: Poly!Heathers X Veronica.

PLOT: Our dear Veronica is sick, and she can't walk because her sickness is worse than it was on the weekend. Of course her girlfriends find out about this, and let's just say, they have no idea what they're doing.

REQUESTED BY: @miserablymichael

Honestly, you should see my notes for this.

-A sicky Marshy


ACHOO!” Veronica sneezed, sending her backwards, as Mr. Sawyer caught her, helping her stand on shaky legs, quite close to falling over. Her mother looked at her with concern, worry and slight guilt. Why? Well, she wasn't going to let her daughter go to school like this.

“Honey, you can't go to school, you're barely standing!” Mr. Sawyer sternly spoke, as Veronica collapsed in her mother's arms this time, “Literally.” He commented. The brunette waved them off.

“I'm fi-…fi… ACHOO!” The girl sneezed again. She was sloppily dressed in her usual attire - the blue blazer had almost soaked sleeves.

“No, Ron, you're not, I know you care about your work and your girlfriends, but you need to take it easy, dear,” Veronica's mom smiled, the brunette sighing heavily, giving up.



Currently, The Heathers were driving in Chandler's Porsche, the red car screeched to a halt outside Veronica's home. There were no cars in their driveway, so her parents were at work. They got out together like usual, and walked up to the front door, it was Duke's turn to ring the doorbell, which she did. They waited for a few moments, but when they got no response, they grew nervous. Chandler then took the liberty to knock. Loudly.

“Ronnie?” She spoke through the door. McNamara hummed in thought.

“She's still not answering, let's get in through the back!” The yellow girl suggested, the other two Heathers turning to her. They glanced at eachother as Chandler locked her Porsche, and they headed around the back. There was a tree that led directly to Veronica's bedroom window, and there was also the back door, which Duke tried, as Mac looked at her, “Locked?”

“Locked,” Duke confirmed, “Is the bedroom window open?”

“Yep!” Chandler chirped, “Let's get in, before anyone spots us.”


Veronica heard voices outside, but really, she was too sick to care. She'd heard the screeching of tires, the doorbell and the knocking. Heck, she'd even heard someone rattling the back door. She groaned, leaning back into her pillow, putting her book down, unable to concentrate on it anymore, “Is this how I die..?” She wondered aloud, her voice raw from her constant coughing fits for the past half-hour.


Chandler was mostly refusing to climb the tree because of her fear of heights, but Mac and Duke were helping her with encouraging smiles, as Duke got through Veronica's window first, then Mac, and finally Chandler. The three girls turned to Veronica, who was looking at them with an almost impressed expression, “What the fuck..? Why did you climb through my window…o..o..ACHOO!” She sneezed. Mac crawled up next to her, pulling her into a hug.

“We came to get you for school, silly!” Mac smiled, “But seeing as you can't go, neither can we!”

“But, your education is important, Mac..” Veronica hoarsely scolded, coughing after. Chandler stared at the piled of snot-filled rags with disgust.

“And so is your health!” Duke scooted the other side of the brunette, hugging her tightly, “You're not changing our minds! Besides, if you die I want to be here!”

“I'm not gonna die, Duke..” She sighed.

“You nerd,” Chandler chuckled softly, sitting on the edge of the bed, “I'm sure no one will care that we're not at school today.”


Ms. Flemming was teaching her first class, doing the register, “Heather Chandler?” No response, as she looked around the class, “Absent, I see… now, Heather Duke?” No response from that either as she looked again. She continued through the names for a little while, “Ah, Heather McNamara?” The yellow girl wasn't in either. Continuing on, and she smiled a little, the student would always try to be in and on time, “Veronica Sawyer?” Even she was absent. Flemming was suspicious, but she couldn't exactly go hunt them down off the premises, now could she?



“Chan, hug meeee-” Veronica whined, crawling towards the red girl, who shuffled back, almsot falling off of the bed, “and Duke, your arse looks fiiine~”

Duke went tomato red, Chandler refused to touch Veronica, not fancying getting sick. She had theorized that J.D did this, “J.D got you sick! I'm gonna shoot his dick off!”

“Chandy,” Mac scolded in a motherly tone, “Don't go J.D on J.D.”

“That didn't make sense.”

“Yeah, whatever, let's just help Ron.”

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