Chapter 11

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Kayleigh's pov

The rest of the night thankfully goes much more smoothly. We start to laugh together and talk together just like we used too. I decide I should probably get home, he picks up the check and we walk out to his car.

I see the man who is photographing me again, however this time there is two more men with him. I keep my head down and cover my face with my bag. Andy looks at me confused and I gesture at him to hurry up. Once we get in the car Andy asks, "What the hell was that about?" 

I sigh. "I honestly have no idea, but I'm really not feeling it." We get to my building and Andy stops the car in front of the lobby. Before I leave I take a quick look outside to make sure there aren't any cameras. "Well, thank you for dinner. I had a really nice time."

I smiled at him and he smiled back. Before I can stop him he leans in and kisses me and I'm not stopping him. I come to my sense after about thirty seconds and pull back. "I'm sorry. I really should get inside. Thank you again for tonight." I leave before giving him the chance to say anything. I walk quickly into the lobby and up to my apartment. 

I shut the door behind me and collapse against it. I can't believe I did that. I should've been more clear with Andy, I should've stopped him. I decide to call Shawn and let him know that I was with Andy before he sees any of those pictures. 

I find his contact and dial his number. It rings a few times before he answers, "Hey! I was just about to call you." 

I smile when I hear his voice. "Well I beat you to it. But listen, I just wanted to let you know, I went out for dinner with Andy tonight. There was a guy taking pictures of us so you'll probably see some. He must've recognized me from last night with you or something. But yeah I just wanted to be the one to tell you before you saw them the other way. He had asked me to go with him at Lauren's and I felt bad cancelling." 

I can hear his breathing on the other side of the phone as I'm talking which soothes me. "Kayleigh, you don't owe me an explanation for anything. I totally get it. It's still a fresh break up and you guys are still friends after all." He really is a good guy. If I had done that to Andy he probably would have freaked out. "But what were you saying about people taking pictures of you?"

I told him about the guy outside my building then the same guy at the restaurant. 

"Well that was fast. I'm surprised they found your address so quick." Shawn says.

"Do you think they are going to be there all the time?" I ask.

"Nah it's just fresh right now, I'm sure it will die down." We both stay quiet for a minute and he can tell I'm a little concerned. "Do you want me to come over?"

I do, however I shouldn't be relying on him as much. It's not fair. "No no, it's okay. I don't want you to have to drive over here. I'll be fine."

We talk for a few more minutes before I decide I should go to bed. We say goodnight and I hang up the phone. I take off my makeup and change out of my clothes into shorts and a tank top. I crawl under my covers and pass out pretty much as soon as my head hits the pillow.

The next day I have class from noon to four o'clock. After my last class I walk to a Starbucks to meet Sara. I turn the last corner and see her standing outside waiting. She spots me and waves so I wave back. 

"Girl, you have some serious tea to spill today." she says as I'm walking closer to her. I chuckle as we walk inside. "But honestly, why have you not called me? I want to know everything!"

We get a drink and sit down at one of the tables. I tell her about going to the show with Shawn and dinner with Andy, I tell her everything. Sara has always been a good listener. She doesn't turn it back on herself which I appreciate.

"You are in trouble. What are you going to do?" 

I bury my face in my hands. "I honestly don't know, help me." I plead.

"Okay, I am going to say one thing, and one thing only. You know I like Andy, I've always thought he was a decent guy. But you've tried that already, and it didn't work. As soon as things got a little hard he ran, and took your heart with him. Shawn seems like he might be a good and fresh start for you." 

I know she's right. It's just so hard to close off a chapter of your life that you were so invested in for so long. We chat for a little longer and before I decide to head back to my apartment. I text Shawn to see if he wants to come over later tonight. "I should be done around 7, does that work?" he texts back.

"See you then;)" I respond.

It's probably a good thing he won't be here for about an hour and a half, I could use some time to work on my thesis. 

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