Chapter 5

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"No, I can't believe that...was it all a lie? Our friendship, everything?" Sera continued to sob as John kept holding her by the shoulders. After another attempt to push his chest away with her palms, two rectangular pieces of paper fell from the front pocket of his jacket to the floor.

"What...what is that?" the magenta-haired girl meagerly asked, her voice trembling, after seeing a part of the text written in bold letters on the tickets.

"The reason I came here today...One of several actually," John said in a defeated tone, not daring to return her glance.

Seraphina looked at him inquisitively, as if trying to read his real intentions with her intense gaze.

"And what were the others?" she finally asked.

"I wanted to tell you...about this. About...the real me," he said, pointing at his own chest.

"And would you actually have done it? Because it didn't seem like you were really planning on it, back there...hiding in the corner of my restroom."

"I don't know," John conceded. "When I first came to our school, I was planning to just keep a low profile, without getting in anybody's way or using my ability...and then I met you. And we became friends. Really good friends," he added with obvious sadness. "And with every day, it became more and more difficult for me to face you...I didn't want you to be disappointed. Or to become afraid of me..."

"Afraid of you? Just because you can turn invisible?" Sera asked, perplexed.

"Invisibility isn't my actual power," the raven-haired boy replied.

"Then what is it?"

Instead of responding, John lifted his right hand and a dark energy light, similar to Blyke's beam except in color appeared emanating from it.

"Multiple powers? Isn't that really rare?" The magenta-haired girl looked in disbelief at him.

"Will you listen to my story? I will tell you everything, no more secrets, I promise," John said, gulping.

Sera wiped her wet cheeks with her forearm, and found John handing her a handkerchief from his jacket.

Reluctantly, she took it.

"You are not of the hook yet, you know."

John nodded. "I am really sorry," he repeated.

Something about his expression seems to have convinced Sera to give him a chance and she sat down on the edge of a couch, with him following after her, sitting on the other end and not daring to get too close to her yet.

"Okay, so first things first...what the hell were you doing in my restroom? Invisible none-the-less?" she asked, indignation taking over her.

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