Fright (part 3)

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*checking the list* We've frighten Dusk, Loxo, Lemondrop, and Silence... Ricochet and Voodoo are left. Who should we frighten first?

Bishop: How about Voodoo?

Alright. Let me get pup number 1. *walks off*

Bishop: Alright, what do I do?

What every twin does

Bishop: Alright then! *retrieves a box full of puppies*

*walks back in with pup 1 following behind* Ba- ....Bishop what the bloody hell is this

Bishop: Puppers

.....Dios mio...  alright, pup 1, you know what to do.

Pup 1: Bork! Okay pawp! *waddles out of the room*

So...what are we gonna do with these pups you got?

Bishop: Put them in a room then lock Voodoo in there with them.

Let's just go have them run towards Voodoo when-

Voodoo: LEMONDROOOOOP!!!!!!!

Bishop: *trying to muffle laughter* Heh- I think he ran into a pup

Yeah, I think pup 1 found them. Let's go check. *walks into the hallway to see Voodoo on the floor with pup 1 sitting on them* Bishop, unleash the others.

Bishop: *releases 26 puppies * *whispers* Alright pups 2 to 26 , go get him

All 26 pups: *rush over to Voodoo with their tails wagging*

Voodoo: No no no NO!!!! LEMONDROP!!!!! *surrounded by small puppers* No! Hey! Not the face, not the face!!! NO, NOT THE FEATHERS!!!

Bishop: *whispers* Hey Bloody, guess how many pups there are in total?

Uh... *counting* ...Sht, I think I counted him twice... I don't know

Bishop: Twentyseven~

Ayyyyyy, 27!!!! My number!!!

Voodoo: Alpha Bloods! Please get these pups off me!!! STOP LICKING MY FACE!!!!

Heh, alright. *stomps their front paw*

Puppers: *stop and line up in front of Bloody*

Alright you all, you can go now. I'll be sure to hunt an elk for you guys as a reward.

Pup 21: Yay!!! Elk for dinner!!! Come on. Let's go find Mama Lemon!!!!

Pup 3: Mama Lemon!!! Let's go find her!!!

The rest of the pups: Yeah!!! *run off*

Bishop: I sometimes wonder how Lemon even manages to keep up with all of them....

I don't even know... *walks up to Voodoo* You alright there, mate?

Voodoo: I'm covered in puppy slobber.... but yes...I'm fine.

Bishop: A jump in the lake should fix that.

Voodoo: *stands up* Actually, I'm 100% fine. No need to jump into a lake again

Bishop: You sure?

Voodoo: Yes, I'll just ask Lemondrop for help in cleaning this slobber off me... *walks off*

Tch... now we gotta scare Ricochet.

Bishop: Ok.... wait... we don't know what he is sca- 

Silence: *whispers to Bishop* He is scared of needles 

Bishop: Oh.. Ok. I guess we just set up an appointment at the doctors for Rico to get a flu shot or something...

Or we can just borrow Secrets needle things. Whatever you call them...

Bishop: Those are sewing needles and I've seen him use those before so I think Silence was talking about needles from doctors.. Perhaps someone inserted a needle into him releasing a chemical or something at some point in his life that he doesn't remember but it still has a big enough impact on his life that it terrifies him?

You're making me sound like a dumbass. I know the difference between a sewing needle and the needles doctors use. Secret uses those too, you know. Ironic since she hates them.

Bishop: I think she is fine as long as they aren't being used on her....

Yeah, let me call her just to comfirm. *calls Secret but goes to voicemail* Huh... *hangs up* Well, she didn't I'm gonna take that as a yes.

Bishop: Alright

I'll be back *walks off and comes back in while holding a needle* Found this one. Pretty long so it should be good.

Bishop: Yep. Might as well test this potion Secret made *takes needle and fills it with a bright pink liquid*

What's the potion do?

Bishop: It will make him be a cinnamonroll

So you basically turn him into food.

Bishop: No... it will make him stay pure no matter what happens

Huh...okay, let's do it.

Bishop: Alright, do you wanna be the "Doctor" or shall I?

You go ahead and be the doctor

Bishop: *goes into human form * Ok one sec... *leaves room and returns wearing Doctor attire* Doctor Spade is in the house

In that case, we're fcked

Bishop: *playfully punches your arm*

*chuckles* Hopefully no one is gonna start asking about this form you're in

Bishop: I hope not because I have no answers... if they do then I will have to make up somethin'

You realize we're still recording

Bishop: Oh fck.. Forgot... well Can you please go retrieve my "Patient"?

Sure *leaves and comes half a minute later with Ricochet in their mouth*

Bishop: Alright, Ricochet time for your shot.

Ricochet: A what?! No way, I am not letting you stick that thing of pure evil in me. I won't let y- *cut off by Bishop inserting the needle into him* I feel dizzy *faints*

Wait- I think Secret never said what would happen if you inject him with it

Bishop: *returns to cat form* Must be a side affect... Wait til he wakes up. Until then we should probably put him on the couch or something

Huh...alright *puts him on the couch* So now what?

Bishop: Guess we wait for him to wake up... 

Ricochet: *has a look of discomfort as he sleeps* 

Bishop: Hopefully he is fine.. We can't afford a real doctor..

Cause someone keeps gambling the money away

Bishop: No .. because those greedy walking jokes took it...

Jeff and Ben?

Bishop: Remember Silence's scare?

Yeah, I do..... *takes out the slip of paper* So...that's everyone in the dare and ask group. Should we go a little further and scare a few more?

Bishop: Sure.

Ricochet: *talking in sleep* No ....

*looks at Ricochet* Eh...he'll be alright. So... *looks at the camera* think we should scare a few more or let that be the end of the dare? Let us know and if you have some more dares or asks, just comment down below! Tally-ho!

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