Chapter 49

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The air around them was holding the cluttering sounds of spoons gently hitting the plates as Daiyan watched Safiya lost in her thoughts. From million hours it felt like he was just seeing her moving the fork in her noodles and not having any bite of it. But he couldn't say her anything because they both were lost for words.

Sometimes the biggest grievances of your life leave you wordless. You have so much to say, your heart is weeping and whimpering to let out its pain but that ache of sadness gets stuck in your throat making you dumb to speak anything. That's what had happened to both of them.

They had just come back from the hospital and instead of going to their house, Daiyan had opted for lunch at the fine restaurant around the corner. He didn't want to go back to the hospital and the events that were turned out to them but his mind had nothing else to think but that. It was reminding him about Safiya and the disease she was going through and about the biggest problem which had come in front of them.

After getting the ultrasound reports, the doctor informed that Safiya had a damaged liver which was the result of her disease Porphyria. It felt like an anvil had been placed on his head just after that because his mind felt stressed to no end and heavy with Safiya's thoughts. His wife just needed a calm life and her destiny had no plan for it. She was getting tested at every step as if Safiya was not living life but war.

"Eat your food, Safi."

Daiyan felt he had pulled her out of a dark pit as Safiya watched him for a moment as if deciphering what was going around her, "It will damage my liver more. It has oil, spices, it will-" Safiya had started mumbling when he put his hand on hers to stop her which she did and looked at him with no emotion. Looking at her for a moment, Daiyan put the cheque on the table and stood up from his place.

He held Safiya's hand in his and made her stand up. She was just stressing out and that was a slow poison for her right now. If she would be in stress, her Porphyria would become worse and that would affect her liver. It was all a cycle that's what the doctor had told him and he needed to keep everything in check to keep Safiya healthy and... Alive.

"C'mon tell me what you want to eat, we will go there," Daiyan asked while fixing his seat belt as he took the driver's seat, looking at Safiya who was seeing outside from the closed window. "Chocolates or what you eat every damn time, yeah Pani Puri?"

Safiya turned her head with a faint smile on her lips as she shook her head, "Let's go home, Daiyan. I don't want to eat anything. Please."

"Fine. Just don't stress your mind. We will sort this out." Daiyan said, putting his car back to life. He didn't want to see her like that and his helplessness of not being able to do anything for her was making him frustrated.

"I knew this disease will lead me to my end but it will be so soon, I had no idea." Her words felt like an echo, holding so much weight and it all dropped on him. His being crushed under the weight of the truth of her words forcing some tears to his eyes.

"Stop rubbish, Safi. We will search for a donor, I will not let you leave me so easily." Her problem had only one solution and that was a liver transplant. There was no one who could become her donor and there was no route for them, till now. It needed to be fixed soon else it will lead to some serious damage.

"Try to live in reality, Daiyan." Safiya chided him at which he just twisted his lips to hide the pain his heart, mind were going through.

"You know, I hate this so mature Safiya. My earlier Safiya was good who used to live in cloud castles and forced me to do so." Daiyan said with a groan, an attempt to make the atmosphere around them somewhat light.

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