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C H A P T E R   F I F T E E N


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    BEFORE JAZEON CAN EVEN IMAGINE THE DAYS HAD PASSED, TIME WAS QUICKER Than fire spreading. Because before he knew it, It was the day of the Quidditch game, the first one of the year in fact.

He was really nervous, He sleeped throughout most hours yesterday to refill energy for the day, in fact, this day. Jazeon felt so damn nervous, he saw a crowed of people in their house's support team, and Jazeon could see Regulus was also nervous.

"How are you feeling, Veller?" He heard a voice behind him. Wilbur Nott. The team captain.

"Fine." Jazeon lied, Wilbur didn't look convinced but nodded anyway.

"We gotta win the house cup, Honor Salazar Slytherin's name." Wilbur said, mostly to himself rather than to Jazeon. Jazeon just looked weirded out by Nott's obsession with Salazar. As soon as Wilbur walked away, Jazoen immediately went to Regulus.

"Nervous?" Regulus asked him as soon as the 2nd year saw Jazeon. Jazeon nodded, He was sweating nervously, he hasn't been in a center with this much of people. "Don't worry, I am too." Regulus told him reassuringly.

"Thanks, I appreciate your assuring side, but It's not really helping." Jazeon remarked, Regulus laughed, Jazeon could also he really awkward and straight forward. Oh how Jazeon was very entertaining.

"Alright! Snakes! Ready up!" Wilbur called out in the center, they all formed a circle to each other as Everyone groaned inwardly at the nickname.

"So here, I am sure we will be winning the house cup, seeing as we have one hell good of a seeker." Wilbur started, Regulus smiled, appreciating the compliment. "3 great power chasers."  Wilbur told.

"3 amazing beaters (including me of course)." Wilbur said cockily, And then turned to Jazeon. "And a newest member, Jazeon Veller. Picked by Professor Slughorn himself." Was all Wilbur said.

As Wilbur continues on telling strategies. Jazeon frowned, he didn't really get much support, yet alone those compliments, he understood Wilbur's jealousy but couldn't he just support him without hinting jealousy thoughts.

"Alright! So let's win this!" Wilbur announced as the team cheered for themselves, all except for Jazeon who just wore a awkward smile. He wasn't confident like any other players, hell, he was no where as confident as all of the existing people.

As the quidditch captains shook hands, Jazeon felt his stomach drop, seeing he will be battling against his childhood enemies, the marauders, the marauders would surely play rough at him.

Jazeon studied the surroundings as he looked at the crowd, he remembers every Slytherin student of course, He was after all one to memorize names. He spotted a Slytherin just in the corner carrying a sketch book as always, he recognised this slytherin as Caprico Astrolus.

Jazeon didn't really paid mind to him, he noticed, he wasn't like the person who starts a conversation first, so that brought it really to why Jazeon really didn't talk to the boy.

Jazeon shook his head, snapping himself from his thoughts as he immediately rode the broom. (school broom since he wasn't allowed to go outside hogwarts and to diagon alley, nor does he have any relatives to send him one because they don't know)

"On your ready." The speaker, a Ravenclaw dude who always wore scarfs, announced.

As the flag was released, Jazeon and the Slytherins immediately acted fast, Jazeon's job was to goal, protect the seeker, guard the three goals, and be a human shield. It was quite impressing, Jazeon was a rathee built boy with a strong complexion of body, it made it almost impossible to knock him down seeing as the Gryffindor keeper is a short small 4th year boy.

"You got this, Jaze!" Regulus assured as they flew together, Regulus risked in patting his friend's back before they both drove to do both different tasks.

"Veller! Incoming!" The Slytherin Beater, Rabastan Lestrange yelled out. Jazeon got ready as Lestrange passed him the Quaffle by throwing, Geez, at least somebody trusts him with a Quaffle. As Jazeon handled the quaffle with ease, Regulus smiled happily for his friend.

Jazeon had wrapped his arm around the Quaffle as he drove fast depite his broom being the only School one used in the game that moment.

Jazeon drove so fast that none of the Gryffindors couldn't even catch nor bumo him, not even Quidditch Chaser and former marauder James Potter. (At that time James wasn't the Seeker yet)

"AND SLYTHERIN SCORES!!" The Ravenclaw Speaker, Valentine Lopez, announced As Jazeon threw the quaffle with an outstanding aim, it received cheers from Slytherins as the Quaffle goaled. Jazeon felt a smile crawling on his face, I guess it's not that bad after all, Jazeon thought to himself.

As Jazeon flew his way to Regulus.— who he noticed had just spotted the golden snitc.—  Jazeon trailed off from behind Regulus as the Keeper of Gryffindor already was throwing a Bludger their way using a bat.

"Stupid Gryffindor Keepers." Jazeon mumbled under his breath. Regulus obviously heard as he nodded in agreement, watching in annoyance as the dwarf like 4th year threw the Bludger towards their way.

"I got this, you go catch that snitch, Reg, I'll catch up to you." Jazeon said to him as Reg nodded rather hesitantly but he was in no place to stop a bludger. Jazeon took out a bat from his pockets, with a Slytherin Logo permanently printed to it.

Forgot to mention, Jazeon was looking rather ravishing that day, Wearing Slytherin Quidditch robes that has the number 7 on it. Jazeon's hair was naturally fixed as always.

As Jazeon hits back the Bludger to the keeper's direction as the Gryffindor Dwarf was thrown off his broom, Hearing a bone break Jazeon felt himself cringe.

"Tsk. . . Tsk. . . Tsk. . . That must have hurt." Jazeon said to particularly noone but himself. Swinging the heavy bay to his shoulder a smile was thrown his way by his supporting friends Lily and Pandora.

Jazeon quickly returned the bat to his pockets as he drove to Regulus's way. He noticed the other Slytherins had made points, and unfortunately, also did Gryffindor.

"This battle is quite intense folks, Especially with new members in the group, Jazeon Veller the new keeper and Regulus Black the new Seeker." Lopez announced.

As a few minutes passed, Jazeon's hair was sticking to his forehead thanks to the sweat. The game was going intensely. 90 to 60, And Jazeon already feels his heartbeat ticking like a time bomb as they watch Regulus chase the Snitch.

And before all they knew it, Regulus stumbled down, falling off but luckily, Jazeon was able to catch him on his broom. Regulus revealed the snitch to everybody, and it got cheers from the Slytherins.


As every Slytherin Quidditch player carried Regulus to the pit proudly as they cheered for themselves. Jazeon looked up from the spot and to the Slytherin Side, he finds Caprico Astrolus smiling at him seemingly congratulating him, and fortunately, Jazeon smiled back.

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