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"What is it?" Ruby crossed her arms as William grabs something from his pocket

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"What is it?" Ruby crossed her arms as William grabs something from his pocket. He grabbed Ruby's hand and placed her missing necklace on her palm. "I FUCKING KNEW IT!" Ruby grabbed it and inspected it to make sure it was hers. "Yeah be fucking grateful I at least gave it back to you. I usually don't give people back their belongings but this necklace seemed important to you" Ruby looked at him as a smile forms on her face. "Or did you give it back to me because you felt guilty?"

William avoided eye contact with Ruby. "No I did not" William lied as Ruby didn't believe him. "Okay I'll let this slip this time" Ruby said as William rolled his eyes. Ruby stared at him for a second before looking at his guitar. "I didn't know you play guitar" Ruby said.

"Yeah I play this whenever I feel down and lonely. This and drawing are the only things that can calm me down" William said. Ruby noticed a brown notebook next to him, she attempted to grab it but William stopped her. "Don't even try reading this" he grabbed the notebook "This is one thing I would not allow anyone to read."

"How about your mom and dad?" Ruby asked. "They're dead" he said showing no emotion. "Oh. I'm sorry for your lost" Ruby didn't except that answer to come out of him. "Well they were horrible parents anyways" William said as he closed his eyes. "I imagine how my life could've been if they actually cared about me. I mean I wouldn't be in this situation in the first place, I mean everything was going well until my best friend moved away from here. I then got into a accident shortly after and lost some of my memory."

Ruby listened to him express everything out. She was surprised that he actually told her everything about his past. She couldn't help but wonder about this best friend he keeps mentioning. She was about to ask him about her but then realized the time.

"Uh well I have to go now" Ruby got up "We have to work on the project since it's due in a couple of days". William nodded before pulling his phone out and handing it over to Ruby. "Just put your number in, I'll text you when I'm free."

Ruby was surprised at how nice he was being with her, she's surprised he's allowing her to even put her number in.  "Okay are you sick or something? Why the hell are you being nice to me all of a sudden?" Honestly William didn't know why he was being nice to Ruby, it was something that causally came without hesitation. All this time he was thinking of cold actions and words to us but instead the opposite left his mouth. It was like someone else was controlling him.

"I'm in a good mood right now don't ruin it" Ruby put her number in and gave William his phone back. "Well see you later!" Ruby walked away and made her way back home.

William watched her leave from a distance. He held his phone tight and put it again his heart. He immediately realized what the heck he was doing and quickly snapped out of it. "What the hell just happened?" William asked himself.

Ruby got home and went straight o her room. She laid down on her bed and took a deep breath. "What the hell just happened?" She asked herself that same exact question.

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