I Fuck Wit' You Girl

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I fuck wit you like you fuck wit me. I show love to you, like you show love to me.” –Rich Homie Quan x I Fuck Wit’ You Girl

            Tavi groaned as she heard Addison whining next to her in bed causing her to wake up from a deep slumber.

            She opened her eyes to see her seven month old daughter’s beautiful morning face.  

            She picked her head up and the scent of maple bacon hit her nose making her stomach growl in reaction.

            Tavi ran her fingers through her freshly straightened and newly colored blonde hair and got out of bed.

            “Good morning sunshine” She picked Addison up and kissed her cheeks.

            She grabbed her phone up off her night stand before walking out of her room and down the steps.

            The sight of her mom cooking and swaying her hips to the faint music of Selena Perez made her smile.

            “Morning” Tavi announced, walking fully into the kitchen.


            Gloria jumped and turned around. “You scared me” She said placing her hand over her chest.

            Tavi giggled, while putting a small piece of bacon that was already set out on the table into her mouth.

            “So, are you excited for today?” Her mom asked, getting back to cooking.

            A small smile spread across her face. “Yeah, I’m just glad that this whole thing is over with”

            It’s Saturday morning and today Tavi was graduating from High School. It’s been along way coming and it was finally happening.

            She felt like she accomplished one of the many things on her life goal list, and there’s only more to achieve.

            Her mom nodded placing a plate of French toast on the kitchen table. “Me too. Now you can move out and I can have the house to myself”

            “Whoa, don’t you think you’re moving a little too fast?” Tavi laughed.

            In all honesty, Tavi was more then ready to move out of her mom’s house. She just didn’t know where to start or how to make it happen.

            But, she knew she had to make it happen soon because she’s eighteen years old and she has to do everything on her own now.

            “Nope” Her mom replied, making sure to pop the P.

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