Chapter 5

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The man who I helped. The man that I have considered family ever since I met Yeva. His Grandmother. The man I had to watch grow up so fast because of what his father did to him and his family.

Now the man that has fallen for my one and only daughter and child.

I sigh as I watch them sleep in each other's embrace.

"You know they are perfect for each other even though you have never seen them together. You know what kind of man he is and over the years you should have been able to know where she was but you didn't and that wasn't your fault."

"I wish I was there for her when she needed me the most", I nodded toward them, "now look she is all grown up and in the arms of another man that can take of her better than me."

"It wasn't your fault Abe. You know who's fault it is. It wasn't your fault you weren't in her life. You looked for her, sent out many search parties."

I nodded my head, "but I should have known she was going to do this to me. I should have not been blinded by the love I had for her and maybe, just maybe I could have been there for my child while she was growing up."

Alberta put her hand on my shoulders and forced me to look into those eyes of hers. "Abe it wasn't your fault that you didn't know that she could be so evil. It wasn't your fault you hear me. Stop blaming yourself. Don't live in the past focus on the future that you will have with your wonderful daughter."

She dropped her hands and hung her head low, "Trust me you don't want to miss out any more than you already have due to that bitch that dropped her off when she was just two years old. Two years old, Abe and she didn't have a father, a mother, any family to love her. All she had was herself when she got her. Later on, she created her own family consisting of me, Mason, and Eddie. You were in that court today. You saw that girl, Lissa, that was sitting next to her, how she treated your daughter."

"That was supposedly her sister and best friend and you saw how that dumb blonde bitch treated Rose. I know I am not supposed to be saying that about students but the way she treats my little girl and your little girl. Trust me when I say there are much worse things to call her."

I nodded along, "You're right Bertie. I need to be here now for her".

She patted me on my back, "I'll be right back Abe. Just be there for your daughter now. Trust me she will love you no matter once she understands why you haven't been in her life."

With that, she got up and left the room. I sat there staring at my beautiful young daughter. She had grown so much since I last seen her. She has grown into a woman. A woman that has surrounded herself by the ones she loves. A woman that didn't let the world around her drag here around. She made her own destiny.

I sighed and laid my head in my hands, thinking of what had just gone on in the courtroom.

Dimitri P.O.V.

We were sitting there looking through the glass like thing seeing what was going on in the hospital bed we were in. Roza was crying hearing what Alberta and the man that we now know is her father were talking about. He looked familiar but I couldn't quite put my finger on it.

I held Roza close to my chest as she cried.

"It was all Janine's fault. how dare she keep me away from my father", she sobbed.

"I know baby, I know. Soon, baby, you will meet him and Janine will get what she deserves. He loves you baby, see you do have a father that always wanted you."

She nodded, "Why do you think Janine did this? She gave birth to me but yet she tore me from my family. From a father that loves me."

"I don't know baby but we will find out the next time we see her."

She continued crying and I was there the whole time comforting my Roza until she fell asleep in my arms and soon she disappeared from right in front of me.

The next thing I know I see her waking up, and I am just watching from above having no way to get to her. Abe looked up and rushed to her side as he heard the moment of her.

Rose P.O.V.


I blinked my eyes from the brightness of the light.


I heard a gasp and sniffling. "Yes Sweetheart, it's me your baba. How did you know?"

I opened my eyes and brought it up to my father's cheek and swiped my thumb across the tears. "That doesn't matter now. All that matters is that you are here right now."

I wrapped my arms around him and we sobbed for what felt like a good hour. Him repeating I'm sorry over and over again. We finally pulled apart by the time Alberta came back.

"I know you just woke up, but can you explain why you blacked out?", said Alberta.

"I think it is because of the bond I have with Lissa, but then when I was talking to Dimitri awhile ago we could do what I have been doing with Lissa for the past few years, we could see through each other's eyes. It is not a one way with him and me, it is two ways."

"What do you mean you were talking to Dimitri awhile ago? I have been here the whole time and you both have been asleep", said Baba. 

"Baba I have seen the whole conversation you had with Alberta. I don't know how it was possible but that is how I knew you were my father when I awoke. Dimitri and I were in this black room I guess you can say but it was endless. Somehow some way he and I could see down into this room and watch what was happening live. I was with him right before I woke up. I am pretty sure he can see us now."

Alberta and Baba looked at me but they didn't even let up their masks to show how shocked they were. 

I hope Dimitri wakes up soon so he can help explain the rest with me. 

Sorry this is Short, I tried writing more but I seriously can't think of anything us to write about.

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