Chapter Two: Him

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"Michael Myers? Do you know him?" Brooklyn shifted in her seat to look at him again. Marian picked up her cup to take a sip. "Mmhm. He's a patient of Dr. Loomis. I'm not supposed to gossip, but he's a bit, odd, Brooklyn." She crook her head a little. "Odd? How?" She sighed under her breath, changing the topic. "Dinner will be over in a few minutes and you haven't eaten anything." The small girl pushes her plate to the side. "I'm not hungry." "You must eat. We don't want you or any other patient to starve."
Brooklyn still refused to consume the 'food' they served and sat there, listening to Marian talking about her schedule until time was up.
They made their way down the hall to the rooms. "We'll start off your daily routines tomorrow. Try to get some rest. Breakfast will begin at-" "I know. Miss Marian told me." The nurse opened the door to her room. The walls were painted dull green with a small bed, toilet, and sink. The room reek of that new toxic paint smell. "Goodnight Brooklyn." She stepped out and closed the door with a hard thud. The wary girl crawled in her bed and stared at the ceiling. "What do they expect me to do in here?" Wrapping herself with the thin blanket, she drifted into slumber quickly.

Early in the morning, 6 a.m, breakfast was served to the children first. Brook was escorted to the cafeteria and was dreadfully tired. She didn't bother to eat but she insisted on getting a plate and sit next to the boy. She looked around to find him, she spotted him at the same area from yesterday. Brooklyn approached to him and swallowed. "U-uhm, you don't mind if I sit here?" Michael was eating a fruit cup and looked up at her. He seemed hesitant since no one tried to sit near him. "Sure."

Brooklyn sat down and adjusted her posture.
"Why do you sit by yourself?"
"I like being alone." He takes a bite of the mixed fruit. Brook couldn't help but to ask a bunch of questions about him, but she could tell from his body language he wouldn't say much. "How'd you end up here?"

"I dunno. They just put me here." He said reluctantly. "They did? That's weird. I'm here because I killed my brother and daddy." His eyes glanced at her with curiosity. "You did? Why?"

"They weren't nice to me and my mama."

"So were my sister and Ronnie." Brooklyn bit on her fork. "Are they still around?" "Yeah. They're at the house with my mom and Boo." Brook was still confused why an innocent boy like him is in a cold remote place. "I don't get it. Why are you here and you didn't do anything wrong." He simply shrugged. "I dunno, you tell me."
Brooklyn takes a piece of the cold chicken and chewed on it. It was disgusting but she didn't care. "Oh by the way, I'm Brooklyn Jameson."

"Michael Myers." They both looked into each other eyes with a welcoming feeling. "You have pretty eyes." He mumbled a bit and Brook smiled from his compliment. "Thank you. So do you." The whole time, they chatted about their favorite things and such until Michael brought up something. "Do you like pets?" "Yeah! I had a pet dog named Rice, but he ran away." "I had pet rats before, but they always die."

"Oh. I'm sorry that happened.." She sighed a bit. "It sucks when something you cared for dies." The time was up for breakfast and the children had to leave. Two nurses had to escort Michael and Brooklyn walked over. "Maybe we can hang out later if we can." "Sure." He nodded with a smile. They both departed to their room. Brooklyn could feel happiness for the first time in this place because of Michael. Maybe they can work out a friendship.

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