Love Yourself So No One Has To

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Next came Tony, I know him for his tattoos and the fact that he mentioned turtles in group earlier "I love your tattoos, my favorite is the grim reaper, you seem like a very nice guy" I awkwardly wrote, leaving out my name.

The next name was Tyler, I didn't know which one he was so I thought of something to make up "you seem like a great person, you're friends are super lucky to have you" I left out my name once again and passed the paper on.

When I received the next paper I was shocked to see Jacks name sloppily written at the top, I looked up and realized that not even half of the usual guys are in here, Jack was the last compliment I had to write then I would get mine. A small burst of anxiety mixed with excitement went through me, but at the same time I was stuck.

I'm supposed to compliment Jack Barakat.

I studied him for a minute before he awkwardly glanced up at me causing me to quickly direct my eyes to the ground in a failed attempt to save the awkwardness. I guess she wants me to lie? There isn't a compliment.

"Sharing a room with you is actually pretty easy, you aren't annoying but at the same time I wished you would talk more, you have nice eyebrows and a good taste in books and music. I'm here if you need me" I awkwardly wrote, I tried to make him be nice to me but I knew this would only make me seem weird.

Why do I care so much about the asshole? I don't.

I signed my name as if he didn't remember I was the last one with his paper, when she called for us to switch again I did and eagerly took my paper from Rian.

"You aren't annoying. You're attractive. You don't pry" was the first thing written, it was what Jack said to me, I felt a blush burn at my face and I didn't know exactly why. I blush when I get any compliment but this was worse.

He's lying about all of it.

"You seem like a smart guy with a lot to say about the world, good job at not making anyone cry yet (it happens to everyone with Craig)" I looked around to see that the person beside Jack was that guy I didn't know, so it must be Tyler.

"My roommate Vic said you were a nice guy so I'm taking his word for it. You're a nice guy -Tony" I shrugged with a smile at the comment that not only did I have friends but they talked about me without me being there.

"You seem to be awesome at cards, your shoes look good even without laces - Craig" I smiled down at the paper and read on.

"I think you're a nice guy and I'm glad Vic and Jonny let you hang out with us, you're cautious not to hurt people" I trailed my eyes around the room to Craig and jumped one seat beside him to find Oli, I smiled at Oli from across the room.

"It's Josh! I think you have the coolest tattoo ever on your hand, I love to hang out with you and I love all your stories you tell to us" this was my favorite group therapy so far, all of them were probably lying but it actually did help a bit.

"You seem like a pretty strong guy if you can deal with Barakat" the comment made me want to laugh and agree but at the same time I kind of took it offensively.

How would I feel if someone said this about me? I bit my lip and scanned the row circle of people until I found Josh, after Josh came Hunter. So Hunter actually doesn't like Jack? I felt kind of sorry for Jack, he put all of this on himself but there's got to be a reason..maybe there's something bigger than the fact that he's an asshole.

"Heyyyy you're tall and I think your hair looks nice and you put up with Jack Barakat, you deserve a medal - Jonny" I really hoped Dr.Grace didn't look over these because there were probably more comments about Jack to come.

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