Love Yourself So No One Has To

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Chapter Five

Title from the song Therapy by All Time Low.

"Okay, so in this game everyone will have a piece of paper..I want you to put your name on the top. This is a self esteem will help you learn to love and respect will pass the paper around in a clockwise circle and each person will write one good thing about you, you can spend the last few minutes reading over the compliments and if you want you can keep them" Dr.Grace explained to the group, Jack sighed beside me, this is the only time Jack sat beside me in group because it was recreational therapy and we like the same couch. I was at one end and he was at the other, Vic was going to join me but he changed his mind when he saw Jack.

I was handed a piece of paper, a dull pencil and a book to bare down on since I wasn't at a table, I neatly printed my name on the top of the paper, a few minutes later she decided everyone had time to write their name "okay, pass your paper clockwise" she announced, it was kind if hard to because we were in the recreation or "Day Room" but I could see where we would be passing them.

I passed mine to Jack and an unfamiliar guy stood up and handed me his, I saw that his name was Rian and I suddenly recognized him, Tomorrow is his last day here. I didn't know what to write about him, I studied him for a few seconds and jotted down "you have nice teeth" it was lame to say, but also true, the way he smiled with his teeth made it clear that he had great teeth.

The next paper I received was Andrews, I looked over to the boy who seemed younger than I was, he was pale and very skinny, his hair wiped just over his eyes and his nose reminded me of Jacks.

Eww no, nothing should "remind" you of Jack.

The first thing I noticed on Andrew was the lack of fat on his body, he was wearing a lot of those fabric bracelets that were braided, that's the only way I can describe them. But his arms that weren't covered in bracelets were no bigger than a large stick. I jotted down "I like your bracelets" and noticed how bad I am at this, hopefully someone who has talked to him will have something great to say to him.

The next paper I received was Vic's and I gave myself a small smile and looked up at him before writing "you're sweet, caring, and probably one of the best people I've met ever. Thanks for wanting to talk to me on the first day" at the end of my cheesy sentence I put my name unlike the last two.

The next paper was of course Jonny, I thought for a few seconds "you are a really funny guy and one of the most sane people in this place (that's a compliment)" I didn't add my name in case he took it offensively.

The next paper was Hunters, I noticed Dr.Grace walk to Jack, probably making sure he was writing and she was surprised when she saw that he was writing. On Hunters paper I put thought into writing "you seem like a really smart guy, your hair makes you stand out, I think it's awesome" Hunter had artificial red hair and a he was skinny but not as skinny as Andrew was. But at the same time he was way skinnier than me, Andrew was the skinniest person I've seen in person.

The next paper I received was Josh, I smiled and thought back to earlier today when he was singing lightly, it was barley audible but it was absolutely amazing "your voice is amazing, I would love to hear you sing some more, your hair game: strong" I signed my name at the end.

The next paper was Oli, I wasn't sure what to put on his, in the group I've talked to him the least. It was almost time to switch before I started writing "I love your tattoos, they make you stand out in a very good way and your skin is like a piece of art" I ended up signing my name at the end, I figured he wouldn't mind my cheesy compliment.

The next name was Craig, I recognized him as the most outgoing but he also did end up having a breakdown every day due to his schizophrenia, he was in the quiet room a lot more than anyone else was. "you're a great person, I love how outgoing you are and I love how friendly you are to everyone" I didn't sign my name at the end in fear he would think I'm weird.

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