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"So, Namjoon.." Jin trailed softly.

Namjoon had his hand clamped onto Jin's arm like an overly protective boyfriend as they were walking. It wasn't the fact that Jin felt uncomfortable within the man's grasp, it was just the fact that Namjoon's palms started sweating and the wetness transferred onto the older's poor bare arm.

"Yea. What's up?" the taller asked.

"Where are we going?" Jin enquired, his curiosity eating at him.

Namjoon just chuckled before continuing to grab Jin to some place the older was most likely unaware of. Poor Seokjin.

Jin, getting extremely tired of the fact that he had absolutely no clue of where he was going with the younger lad, sighed heavily as his jeans felt tighter on his legs. He tapped Namjoon with his free hand as the younger hummed in question.

"Are we close yet?" Jin asked, desperately wanting to sit down.

Namjoon chuckled before uttering, "I'm so sorry Jin. The park is a long walk from here."

The park?

Honestly speaking, the older was expecting something more. But he also enjoyed the atmosphere of a park. He liked how it smelt. It didn't smell anything like food, but it calmed him. The park, to Jin, was a nice place to relax on a small bench with a close friend or a stranger, just talking endlessly about how he hates the way some girls dress better than him. Or the way each and every man looked. It was always a favourable time for Jin.

For Namjoon, he specifically chose a park to get to know Jin a little bit more. Jin looked like the type that likes to have conversations while eating ice cream. He didn't want to be too extravagant on what he'd lable as their 'first date', so he went with a simple thing, like the park. What if Namjoon had taken Jin to an amusement park just to find out he doesn't like it? What if Namjoon had taken Jin to an action movie just to find out Jin favoured animation over action? The park was something more reliable for a good date.

It wasn't any longer until they finally reached a green, luscious green park. Jin spotted a truck on the side of the street and assumed it was ice cream.

"Namjoon, Joon, Joonie, Joono, Joons, Namjoon~" he trailed in a sweet voice.

"Yes, it's ice cream," Namjoon laughed.

He and Jin started walking to it. Jin was depicting his decision between caramel ice cream and chocolate ice cream. Namjoon simply just wanted vanilla.

"Jin, choose!" Namjoon scolded, making the older jump a bit.

"Okay, okay. Caram- no. Vanilla..."

"Two van-"

"Dipped in caramel..."

"Are you done?"

"...And sprinkles."

The taller one chuckled before ordering their ice creams and receiving them immediately. He handed Jin's vanilla dipped in caramel with sprinkles ice cream to him, who squealed in delight after snatching it and skipped over to a bench. He sat down merrily on it and happily munched and the thick, hard caramel that covered the actual ice cream.

"Cute," Namjoon muttered to himself before going over to sit beside Jin.

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