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For some odd reason, I felt as if I've meet him before or perhaps heard of his name? The harder I think the harder my brain aches, I've been wondering lately why haven't I recovered from this amnesia yet. The doctor said my case is a bit worse than others, it's really hard for me to recover and I'm very upset about it.

"Well well, look who's daydreaming about mr  hottie." Jooheon makes a naughty grin at me, I rolled my eyes and took a sip from my drink. "Yeah, sorry for leaving you here. And I'm not damn interested in him, okay?" I pouted and I wasn't lying, I have zero interest in that guy.

Jooheon shook his head with a light smile, I know him so well. He just likes teasing me and he'll then use his charms to get me back in the mood. "Is princess Hoseok sulking now?" He looked at me slyly, ugh I just want to slap him in the face now!

"Say that one more time and I'll get Shownu hyung." His eyes almost popped out when he just heard the name, "Shownu-!" He quickly covered my mouth and told me to keep quiet. Hah! I knew he would be scared.

The hyungs looked at us questionably, Jooheon still hand his palm on my mouth so I wasn't able to say a word! He told them nothing happened, he said I was being a stupid head and was just joking around. Not a lie but I'm not that stupid, they know how I act so it's not an embarrassing as he thinks.

I slapped his face without him knowing it, what was he thinking? I couldn't breathe thanks to his freakishly huge hand almost covering my whole face. "Argh, why am I even friends with you?" he finally releases me from his grip.

"I don't know, maybe it's because I'm too irresistible!" he squints his eyes at me as if there was full of disgust in him towards me. I punched him by the shoulder, "just kidding!" we both laughed.

A few hours passed, I was staring at the ceiling of my bedroom filled with emotion of nothingness. I couldn't sleep well lately but I didn't understand why, I got onto a sitting position with my feet touching the cold wooden floor. I grabbed my strength to the door and walked my way to my dad's room.

Luckily he was there, he was alone by the balcony reading a book when I peeked my head in. "I thought you would be in your office." he took off his reading glasses to meet my eyes. "and I thought you'd be sleeping." I took a chair in front of him and stared to the city view. "I couldn't, something doesn't feels right."

He raised an eyebrow at me, but I was able to notice a few medicines beside him. I looked back at him with sad eyes, I couldn't hold my emotions. "You're taking the medicines?" he sighs. "I'm getting older son, you need to independent now.."

"Then let me help you at the company, you can rest!" he shook his head, then taking a sip from his cup. "No, I can still do work. You should continue your studies for now. I've already planned what's best for you." my face wrinkles in confusion, I didn't quite catch him there. "It's alright, you'll understand it sooner or later."

"Now leave, I'm sure you have classes tomorrow!" I flinched when he almost wanted to throw me that book he was holding onto, jeez does he think I'm a fly or what?! "okay okay, I'm leaving!" I could hear him chuckle as I went to the door to exit to my room. I turned around and dad was looking at me with his hands crossed.

"Don't stay up late!"

"I won't." I closed the dark wooden door, since when did I get so cheesy before? It isn't really my thing but I've been trying to improve my relationship with my dad, it's kinda sad that I couldn't even remember him. He showed me so many embarrassing baby pictures of me, ugh!

My mother's face was so beautiful, my dad's  pretty lucky to get married to a woman like her. He said she was so patient and humble with everyone around her, she sadly died when I was fourteen and dad didn't want to accept her condition on that time.

Of course, I would feel the same. He said I often had dreams about her and oddly her favorite flower is the same as mine..

It was a white rose.

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