Chapter 1: Bland

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"But I don't want to be 'Just a friend'."


"Ai'Albino-monkey pass the ball!" P'Techno yelled.

I look up at the sound of his voice. He was standing on the side of the field with his hands on his hips.


"Ai'Can, does the grass look tasty to you. Why can't you stop staring at your feet? Move," Type said, sounding a lot sterner. The ball was a few feet in front of me, and all of my team mates looked at me to make the next move.

"Shia... I did it again," I muttered to myself. I kicked the ball to Good, and refocused back into the game. I have been dazed out during the entire practice. I didn't get much sleep last night. I kept thinking about a certain person's annoyingly-handsome crestfallen face. That face is still haunting me after a whole day has past, and won't go away no matter what I do.

The way he turned away from me yesterday, and the strong pain in my chest when he told me those words...

He was angry, I haven't seen him make that face in a while...

Since I hated him.

Since he hated me....

Does he hate me again?

My eyes began to tear once more for the umpteenth time in the last 24 hours. I thought being friends would be better. Isn't friends always better? You won't have all those emotions that take up too much time and energy.

Why couldn't he like me as a friend? Than I wouldn't be confused like this.

I don't know how to be a lover.

Hell, he is the first person to show an interest in me. Couldn't it be a cute girl that would fall for me...

But no, it had to be a guy with a temper like him.

He stole my first kiss...

And my second...

And third....

And fourth...Shit, how many was it? That one time was longer... Does it still count as one kiss?

Why the hell does that matter?! Can, stop thinking about him! Move on...

I rack my hand through my hair with frustration.

I don't understand anything anymore.

"CAN! Off the field!"

I wiped my tears away fiercely before anyone noticed, and looked around. The ball was on the other end of the field, being passed to Ae. The only one, besides the goalie, lagging behind was myself. If it wasn't for Type's loud voice I would still be in my daze.

I jogged to his and Techno's direction, with a forced smile on my face. Type raises his eyebrows at me in question. "P'Noooo! I'm sorry... I won't do it again. Forgive your favorite Nong this once... Na?" I said pulling on his arm.

"What's wrong with you today, Can? You look like a lost capuchin out there."

"P', why do you always have to compare me to weird monkeys?" I said with a pout.

"Can's right Techno," Type said, and I smiled in his direction. He nodded at me, while looking me up and down. He said, "He looks more like a chipmunk. Especially when he eats... All the food is stuck in his cheeks."

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