Libertys P.O.V

“Wait he said that?! I need to meet your brother!”  Andy laughs, holding his stomach as I tell him some of the embarrassing things of my childhood.

“NO!” I shout pointing my finger at him, his laughter dies down and then Andy holds his hands up in defence.

“Ok, I won’t talk to your brother about it,” he chuckles, taking the last sip of the coffee from the Starbucks mug and then throwing it in the bin behind him, deciding that now I feel more relax and that I want to go back to school, I stand from my seat and Andy does the same, we walk out the cafe and then down the road we walked up to get here.

“So... you and Harry eh,” Andy winks and I roll my eyes,

“There is no me and harry,” I state locking my gaze with the lamp post dead ahead of me.

“But there was?” he says sounding like he meant it as a question then a fact,

“Was, not anymore,” I shrug taking out my phone as it rings for the fourteenth time in the last hour, sighing I decide to answer it now, I don’t even look at the caller ID, but just accept the call and hold the phone to my ear.

“Hello?” I speak waiting for whoever is calling to reply,

“Hey, Miss Reeves got me to call you because you have another after school detention, and err we have another project, in groups.” Harry starts but I break in.

“What has this got to do with anything?” I snap,

“You’re in my group, I'll explain it when you get here, but I would hurry,” he hints I don’t reply but just hang up, why did I have to leave? If I didn’t go I could have went in a group with Dave. Groaning in frustration and throwing my head back, we carry on walking, in silence.

“Was that Harry?” Andy asks breaking the silence; we get to the gates of the college and walk through them.

“Yeah it was, I'll see you later,” I rush then run over to the entrance of the building through the doors and towards the Media department. Walking into the classroom as Miss Reeves back is turned I rush to my seat and sit down besides Harry who has taken my seat by the window. I don’t bother arguing about it, because if Miss Reeves doesn’t notice I have come in, then maybe I would be in less trouble and avoid the telling off.

“Where were you?” Harry frowns, as he taps his pencil against the desk whilst Miss leaves the room,

“Got a coffee,” I tell him holding up my hand up to show the coffee cup, I set it on the desk and then place my bag under the table. “So what’s this group thing?” I ask interestedly, not because I'm with Harry but because it’s about what I'm studying.

“We got into groups, well I arrived late and you didn’t turn up, but the group is me, you and Kylie with Kirk from the singing department, we have to create a song you know from scratch make our on lyrics and everything, me and you have to work together to get together the music whilst Kylie and Kirk practice the singing.”  Harry informs me, I can feel a hole being burnt into the side of my head as he stares at me, whilst I stare at the board. I groan at just how much hard work and attention has to be put into this project, it’s one of the major ones that go towards our final grades at the end of this year, so I have to keep focused on it. And keeping focused means working late night and early mornings to make sure everything is to perfection.

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