Chapter Nine

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NINEWe Can Fix This, Together

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We Can Fix This, Together

(Onto POV)

"Raven just wait..." I try again, hurrying after the raging girl, as she limps into the medical wing. With everything going on, I'd been trying to lay low. With Pike being chancellor now, stealing wasn't an option. I spot the mechanic come to a stop in front of Abby.

"What the hell, Abby?" Raven snaps.

"Calm down." Abby Griffin says, shooting me a questioning look. I shrug, I can't stop her, and she won't listen to me.

"I know that you're upset-"

"Upset? I just showed up to work and found out that you fired me." Raven states, I was there when it happened, I had been checking in on her after Mount Weather. But I didn't have a job here, Abby tried recruiting me for medical. However, I was intrigued by the mechanic.

"I don't fire people." Abby says, I raise my eyebrows at her. "Don't you come against me too Onto." Raven turns around and sends me a glance, then turns back to Abby.

"Not clearing me medically is the same damn thing." Raven exclaims, her voice full with emotion.

"Come on let's go sit-"

"I don't need to sit!" Raven yells. "My leg is fine."

"No it's not." Abby states. "And riding on patrol, and working that wall are making your conditions worse." It was something I had noticed as well, the pain she had, I had seen it times before. People with pain that never go away.

"So what? Do nothing? That's gonna make my leg heal?"

"No your leg is never going to heal. Our goal is pain reduction. That's it. And if you keep-"

"That's enough." I say, stepping forward, watching Raven get distressed, for the second time in a couple days, made me uneasy. Abby's eyes widened.

"You can still be useful." Abby finishes, Raven looks away from me to the woman, shaking her head with disgust, before storming off again.

"You shouldn't have done that Abby." I tell her, feeling myself get angry. I rarely do, I'm usually smiling ear to ear. "You don't understand that type of pain, the need to be useful, and the emotional pain people go through."

"And you do? All you are-"

"What? A Grounder? Is that what you call me? Some thief who knows nothing..." I exclaim, pointing at her. "I grew up in the desert, abandoned. And I lived with a healer for most of my life, I wasn't always a thief. And I've seen people break mentally, because of something like this."

Abby stays silent. I scoff: "See that's the thing, you people, skaikru, don't understand the spirit. How fragile it is. You rely on science. When you should be listening to your heart."

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